Haskell Oklahoma Rainy Days Activities

Haskell Oklahoma may be a small town, but there are a few activities around to keep the kiddies busy when the weather outside is inclement. So grab the umbrellas, put on the goulashes and don those raincoats, let’s visit a few of these places.

Located at 116 N. Broadway, the Rieger Memorial Library is well equipped with computers, movies, activities and books to keep the younger and older kids busy. The computers are loaded with parental locks to keep the children safe while playing games and doing educational activities on the computers. 

The Rieger Library has a section of DVD’S and VHS kid friendly movies which families can check out and take home for three days of movie viewing. Too, the library host kid time where activities such as story time and library movie time are provided by the library itself. Kids will enjoy being read to and watching a movie in the library while eating on popcorn and enjoying a drink.

Not to be overlooked is the selection of books Rieger Library has. In the kid section hours of fun can be had while bellied up to the kid size tables. There is an abundance of books which cater to the very young (Wheels on the bus) to teens (Twilight, Harry Potter), and up (Novels, Westerns, Resources). So when it’s rainy outside come on in and enjoy what Rieger Memorial Library has to offer.

Haskell has two fun Dollars stores the kids will enjoy browsing through when the weather is rainy.  Load up the kids and take them to the General Dollar store. There, in the kids section,are a selection of toys for girls and for boys. Pick up some coloring books and Crayola’s. Kid friendly puzzles can be bought, then took home for at home activities. Snacks and drinks can be picked up here as well to keep them feed and well hydrated.

If the General Dollar isn’t enjoy to wear off some of that energy in the kids, stop in at the Family Dollar as well. In there kid section you’ll find toys which cater to girls and boys. Things like dress up clothes and jewelry for the little girls and guns and legos for the boys. Candies and chips and pizzas can be found here as well.

If the Library and the dollar stores aren’t enough to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, Haskell is located about twenty miles from Muskogee, Oklahoma and  close to thirty miles from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. These cities have plenty of activities to keep the kids busy on those rainy days when playing outside isn’t an option.