Haskell Oklahoma Festivals Muskogee Stonebluff Lavender Farms

 Haskell is a very small town surrounded by farmland and cattle country. Haskell’s population is a little over 4,000, so while annual festivals are few in Haskell, Haskell is located in an area where it can benefit from many yearly festivals in and about the town.

Every year Haskell celebrates a carnival of sorts where rides, food, and events take place. During these days people can enjoy sampling foods, purchasing products, some hand-made and some home grown. Children enjoy taking a spin carnival rides and eating all sorts of sweets.

As with most towns and cities, Haskell also enjoys celebrating Homecoming. Here, for a week, events unite Alumni and those still in school where they can participate in fun activities such as a Homecoming Dance, Choosing of a Homecoming Queen, the local Homecoming Parade and Football.

A few miles down the road near StoneBluff, Lavender Farms and Winery offer different festivities occasionally. Here the lavender grows profusely, spreading its fragrance across open fields, making one think they’re in far off places in France experiencing another culture all together. One can sample wine and purchase products made with the lavender which grows here.

Up the road from Lavender Farms is Stone Bluff Cellars. A beautifully situated vineyard and winery which takes part yearly in Green Countries Wine Festival. During this time one can visit the winery and experience a variety of wines, food, and festivities the whole family can take part in.

Being close to Muskogee, Haskell enjoys experiencing the Renaissance Faire. For a time one is able to step back in time and experience the life, food, and activities of kings, queens, knights and jousting. Not to be up handed, every Spring Muskogee host a year Azalea Festival where an array of Azaleas color the park in brightness. Dog trees bloom their white and pink flowers, tulips dot the park in yellow, pink, and white and pear trees grace the park with their beautiful Spring colors. Then in the fall Muskogee host the Garden of Lights festival. During this time the same park, which played host to the Azalea Festival, is transformed into lighted scenes of colored lights. One can take a drive through all the lights and enjoy the experience of the holiday spirit.

Haskell also benefits from the homegrown produce of the farmers. During the growing season, all those in Haskell can purchase fresh produce and wares made from locals or those around. While this isn’t a recognized festival, it is a festival of celebrating the hard work of the farmers, by supporting the local Farmer’s Market.

While Haskell may be a small town, every year there are certain festivals Haskell celebrates in the town itself or nearby. These festivals are an extension of the kind of life people in Haskell live. Haskell definitely has that small town feel and charm, but they celebrate festivals as big the cities nearby.