Annual Events at the Uss Batfish in Muskogee ok

The USS Batfish Submarine & Military Museum is located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The Batfish is an actual World War II submarine which sank three enemy submarines and eleven other enemy vessels. This submarine and crew were decorated with nine Battle Stars, one Navy Cross, four Silver Stars, and ten Bronze Stars.

The ss310 was commissioned for duty in August 1943 and is of the Balao class. She was decommissioned in 1969 in New Orleans. Visitors who tour this World War II submarine are able to see the inside of the submarine, which includes the torpedo room and crew cabins. One is able to experience how life was for those aboard and the close quarters they lived and worked in.

The USS Batfish resting place resides next to the Arkansas River in Muskogee, Oklahoma. In the park itself you’ll find cannons, missiles, and an army tank. The museum houses photos, as well as memorabilia from the Batfish’s twenty plus years of service. She was commissioned in 1973 as a war memorial.

Annual events include, ceremonies during Veteran’s day. During this time Vets reunite to remember and honor their service aboard. On May 5th survivors gather together for a reunion every year. They can take the Walk of Honor which is a tribute to all the veterans.

Some events may vary depending on what can be arranged and set up yearly, but for the 2011 year, the month of May, played host to several events.  On May the 5th, a St Joe’s 5K was run to raise money for a cause. May the 7th, was a Deck Replacement Work Day. May 9th – 15th the Batfish vets come to visit. Visitors can be entertained with stories about what is was like to be hunted, then being able to kill 3 submarines, in three days. May 21, which is Armed Forces Day starts with a celebration for all those who served in the Armed Forces. History demonstrations take place, real live stories are told, and a concert was held.

To get the full impact of this Historical War Memorial one can visit their site at The Offical USS BATFISH. There a person will be able to visually see and explore all that Muskogee has to offering regarding the Batfish and the Museum. The left hand side bar gives one access to the history of the Batfish, to each different post which was filled while on the submarine. All who visit will find history about the park itself and how the Batfish came to rest and live in Muskogee, Oklahoma.