Winter in Cincinnati

“Give it a minute, it will change.” Is a quote often heard when in Cincinnati, OH. At any given moment the weather can change from 80 degrees and sunny to dark and rainy. Cincinnati is a great city for those who just love their seasons. We get almost all of them every month, it seems. Particular amongst the seasons that cause the most problems in Cincinnati is winter.

As we roll into the winter seasons the city streets become filled with fearful drivers that assume driving 20 or more miles under the speed limit will ensure their safe passage. The slightest change in weather can instantly create stop and go traffic. Highways 275 and 71 always seem to end up bogged down by commuting city dwellers while we watch a giant truck with large wheels barrel through as if nothing is wrong. The beauty of living in a Tri-State where Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio meet.

It’s not all bad, however, as the Serpentine Wall near downtown Cincinnati hosts an ice skating rink typically full of patrons enjoying the ice that during summer months is a place to swim with decorative water spouts surrounding it.  Another hot location during the winter is the Fountain Square Ice Rink which through out the year extends free public events for all to enjoy.

Cincinnati typically gets two to three heavy snow falls per season each lasting about a week or so. A foot of snow could drop today and tomorrow it might be warm enough to wear a short sleeve shirt while walking through the snow.

One thing most looked forward to during the winter months in Cincinnati is Perfect North Slopes. An artificial snow skiing facility across the border into Lawrenceburg, IN. Perfects is about 20 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati and offers a variety of slopes ranging from child to expert.

Overall, the winter months in Cincinnati aren’t that bad. It seems to be here and gone quickly with only minor lasting effects on the populace. The worst part of the season are Cincinnati drivers who seem to react to an inch on the streets a sign of the Second Coming.

Cincinnati, OH is a nice place to raise a family the winters are typically nothing more than a nice break from the summer heat. I don’t recall the last time the winter months were so bad that I dreaded the idea of leaving my house and so long as I had the extra cash to pay the local shoveler to keep the drive cleared, I’d say winter in Cincinnati is fairly enjoyable.