What to do at the Columbus Arts Festival

Considered one of the best and most prestigious art and crafts shows in the country, the Columbus Arts Festival is truly a delight for art lovers of all ages. For 3 days in summer the downtown Columbus OH comes to life with live music shows, art and crafts, great food and tons of fun filled activities. This year the 48th annual Columbus art festival presented by Time Warner Cable, is scheduled take place from June 5 to June 7 of 2009 at the Discovery District in downtown Columbus.

How to get there

The admission and parking are free for all visitors. There are plenty of parking areas designated for the event. However since this is a popular event among the whole central Ohio region the parking gets full really early in the day. If you want to avoid the hassle of driving through the maze of closed roads (for the Festival) and finding a nonexistent parking place or one that is miles away from the actual event, it is a good idea to take a COTA (Central Ohio Transit authority) bus, the public transport service for the area. They run special and extra buses for this event from convenient locations all around the city.

Where to stay

If you are an out of town art enthusiast wanting to explore this incredible art and crafts event, there are plenty of nearby hotels that provide convenient accommodations. Some of the closest ones to the Discovery district are, Westin Great Southern Hotel (Around $119/night), Hyatt on Capitol Square( From $120-169/night), Best western, Courtyard by Marriott, Double tree and many more around Downtown. Many of these have specially discounted rates and packages with shuttle service to the festival and airport for artists and festival visitors. If you have a RV or want to spend those beautiful summer days camping close to the event go to the nearest Campground, the Alton Campground on Broad St.

What to do

Now here is a question that has a very, very long answer. There is spectacular artwork to look at; there is live entertainment, hands on art and craft activities and off course delicious food to taste from various local vendors. There are plenty of activities to enjoy for all age groups. Here is a list of things to do at this wonderful and fun event.

Since it is an Art festival there are more than 500 artists displaying their art. Artists from all over the country and Canada have to win a booth from 230 of them at this festival through a Jury process. You will see spectacular artwork exhibitions one is “Art Revealed” displaying works by many central Ohio artists at the corner of Long St and Washington Ave. Another one is Student Art Exhibition displaying art by school children across central Ohio.

Hands on arts and crafts activities in this festival give an opportunity to dabble in art for all enthusiasts no matter what their age is. You can try your skill at Glass Blowing, or making Clay pots, finger painting or face painting. Learn about different painting styles and various processes of making a digital art. There are many more activities to do with kids and indeed the whole family and learn about different art forms.

Enjoy the live entertainment scheduled around the clock at 2 performance venues for all 3 days. There are all kinds of music styles, Rock, Jazz, County, and Blues, you name it and you will find live performance that suits your taste. There are various dance performances such as Tap dance, Belly dance and square dancing by local artists at the club stage including plays by professional theater companies.

The food vendors come from all around central Ohio to please your taste buds, no matter what you are craving for. Barbecue, Burgers, Pizza, Pasta, and all other all American foods are available. If you want to try something different you will find cuisines from all around the world, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Thai, and European. There are Ice cream shops, bakeries and coffee shops all over the place if you need to recharge along the way.

All in all the Columbus Arts Festival is a fun filled event with interesting activities that a whole family can enjoy. Even if you are not an artist you are bound to find something that will catch your interest and open up whole new possibilities. Apart from fun and entertainment this festival is a great opportunity to inspire an inner artist hidden within all of us. So plan this year to visit the Columbus Arts Festival and immerse yourself in the exciting world of art and craft.