The best Pizzerias in Columbus Ohio

OK…I read the articles about the pizza shops in the Columbus, Ohio, area…I can see there truly is a generation gap thing going on here perhaps, but I’ll plod on! I realize everyone has their favorites and all, but I must share with the world my own findings that go way back to the 1970’s…if you will…

Let me start out with the first and foremost pizza shop in Columbus in my estimation-Ohio State Pizza. Located at 325 E. Hudson, this lil’ shop has it all-awesome pizza and sandwiches..and a reputation for attitudes-not so good ones at times, I might add! Granted, it is a small establishment and if you want to go in and eat and hang-this is not the place. But the food has been around for a long time, like myself. Some of my favorite memories of my lifetime in the 70’s are built around living a couple blocks over on Denton across from the copshop…sitting on our front porch watching cops throw pies at each other while we drank wine, smoked a doobie and got the munchies and walked over to that little pizza shop and fulfilled our munchy dreams!

I’m wondering how anyone could leave out Hounddog’s Pizza? Come on now…these people cut pizza in wedges! They boast of their three sauces and Smokin’ Joe crust pizzas…you know-with the garlic butter on the crust? And who could ever forget the delivery vehicle that leaves from 2657 North High Street? Why, the hounddog is a memorable statue on top and oh, that loveable mutt still stands proud and tall-an icon to all Hounddog Pizza lovers!

My mouth still waters from my very first Donato pizza with the wonderful crust and Papa John is a Columbus legend, too…with his little green pepper thingies they include-and garlic sauce with every loveable pizza they create! Oh, I understand the fascination with the other pizza palaces in Columbus, I truly do..Adriaticos, Catfish Biff’s-the list goes on and on-’cause Columbus people love their pizza.but for the truly dysfunctional hippie generation, like myself, I can now sit back and remember the “good ole’ days” of Mr. Brown’s and 2000 and something-or-rather Space Odyssey and other party places on North High Street-oh, let’s not forget little Bob Seager singing his lil’ heart out about Main Street-and those incredible munchies that overtook us and what was and still is better than a pizza to cure whatever ails ya…then, if you live on Denton, you can still sit across from the copshop and watch those guys!