Riverfront Neighborhood

Sedamsville is a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio located right on the Ohio River which forms the eastern border. On the west is Fairbanks Avenue and it is wedged between Embshoff Woods and Mt. Echo Park. It is sparsely populated and the residents have a higher per capita income than the average for Cincinnati. Less than 50% of the residents in the neighborhood have a high school diploma and almost no one has a master degree or higher.

Homes are on average smaller in this community than they are in most neighborhoods in the city of Cincinnati. The average home is priced just slightly more than 33% of what the costs are throughout the greater Cincinnati area. This makes Sedamsville a great place to find a bargain and to break into the housing market. This is an older area with multi-family homes and commercial properties. It is still a little down on its luck but developers hope to change that.

Sedamsville’s claim to fame is that it is the home neighborhood of baseball great Pete Rose. Boldface Park is in the neighborhood and it is where Pete Rose  learned to switch hit. The parks name was changed to Pete Rose Field but after the sign was stolen several times, it went back to its original name. It was named for an Indian chief.

A small part of Mt. Echo Park’s 84 acres are located within the Sedamsville neighborhood. It is a popular place to go for a hike or to have a family picnic in the historic pavilion and picnic shelter which need to be reserved. Many people come here to enjoy the fantastic views that are available from the hillside.

Embshoff Woods and Nature Preserve is also partially within this neighborhood. It is a large area, over 330 acres. It has a playground, fitness trail, three picnic areas and the River Mount Pavilion. One of the most popular features is the 9-hole disc golf course. You have to have a park sticker to enter the park and they are offered as day passes as well as seasonal.

Paranormal investigators will enjoy visiting the Sedamsville Rectory. It was built over 130 years ago and has many stories to tell to those who want to come to spend the night trying to communicate. The building was listed on the Register of Historical Places in 2008. The church is no longer in use and the rectory is privately owned.

This neighborhood, located west of downtown, has still got a way to go but if you are up for a challenge and have just a small amount to spend, this might just be the place to break into the housing market.