Not your Mommas Diner by a Long Shot

Calling this a diner is like calling an tiger a kitty, its true but it doesn’t begin to give you the full picture. Cap City is not a silver diner in a single building, it is part of a strip mall that has other restaurants in it. From outside you don’t have too much of an idea what is awaiting you when you go through the double set of doors.

Wham, it is the prettiest diner you can imagine. It has all the diner elements they are just done with so much style and panache that it should be called super diner. We were looking for a real dining experience and we choice the perfect place for that to happen.

Cap City has a lot of menu options. Everyday there is a Blue Plate Special. The day we were there was a Wednesday, so it was liver and onions; none of us got the special.

As we were talking to our waiter, he asked us if we had been here before we told him no we were from Connecticut. Within a few minutes, a huge plate of homemade potato chips with Maytag blue cheese on them appeared on our table compliments of the house. They were delicious by the way and more than the three of us could manage.

I decided since this was a diner, I was going to have the meatloaf. It was a huge hunk of meatloaf atop a piece of bread with a scoop of mashed potatoes on top with onion rings sprinkled over it. I chose the green beans with red peppers as my veggie. There was a barbecue sauce on the plate and the meatloaf. It was a very large portion and very good too, especially the green beans. My husband had the New York Strip steak and he was very pleased with the doneness and the quality of the meat. Our friend had the Romano chicken, it was three half breasts with very think spaghetti. He enjoyed his meal too.

The food really is well cooked here and the sauces and finishes are spectacular. I never order anything but water to drink, but I ordered the raspberry lemonade here and it was delicious.

With all the food we had eaten you would think dessert would be out of the question, but they have Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, who could pass that up? Oh my, it certainly is worth every one of those million calories with that rich buttery rum infused caramel sauce and those bananas atop a luscious bread pudding that could stand very well on its own.

We had a wonderful meal here and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the area. Service was stellar and we felt as if we were invited guests rather than drop ins. A very memorable experience.