Guide to Red White and Boom in Columbus Ohio

The one thing all Columbus Ohio families look forward to in the summer is watching this spectacular fireworks display as a part of Independence Day celebrations. The half hour show is hailed as the biggest and the best fireworks show in the entire Midwest region and rightly so. This year’s annual 29th Red white and Boom is scheduled for 3rd of July. 

This event is a part of 4th of July celebrations in Columbus OH. Other activities like the Independence Day Parade, street carnival, live entertainment, children’s park by COSI and many more are also scheduled all around the day. Here is a little guide to these fun filled and spectacular celebrations in downtown Columbus.

How to get to the parade and fireworks

If you want to spend the whole day enjoying many festivities, music, and food then you better arrive early in the day to find a good spot to watch Parade in the evening and Fireworks at night. Even though there is plenty of parking places reserved specially for the event all around downtown, it can get really hard to find a decent parking close by later in the day. Plus you should always take in account the many roads closed down for the Parade.

To avoid all the hassle it is usually a good idea to catch a COTA (The central Ohio Transit Authority) Bus to and from the event. There are extra buses and routes arranged by the public transportation specifically for the Independence Day celebrations from all around the city and suburbs. You can get off on the Broad St or the Veterans Memorial where all the festivities are.

What to do once you get there

The celebrations start around mid morning at 11 AM with the opening of “The Midway” a street carnival with food vendors, games and inflatables on the Washington Blvd. This is presented by Ohio National Guard. Another similar fun fair provided by U.S Army is located at Long Street by North Bank Park. One of the entertainment stages is also to be found here.

By noon the children’s park presented by COSI is open for visitors at Battele Park. It is filled with fun games, hands on exhibits, face painting, small carnival style rides and much more for children of all ages.

After a quick lunch at one of the vendors you can enjoy all the live entertainment with music performances by local bands, and plays by professional theater presented at one of the stages during afternoon.

At 6 PM the Independence Day Parade starts with a bang with Ohio Air National Guard Fly over. The Parade begins at the COSI on Broad St. and goes on to the Front St. This mile long parade will have more than 80 participants and performers throwing flyers, candies, and little souvenirs for the spectators.

Watching the Red White and Boom

The Fireworks start at 10 PM, and are fired from Veterans Memorial this year. There are many good spots from where you have a great view of the spectacular show. Here is a list of some really great vantage points for the red, white and boom.

The lawns in the Battelle Park, Genoa Park and Bicentennial Park are a great place to lay a nice picnic blanket and watch the fireworks light up the sky in thousands of colorful sparks.

Also if you are already there for the parade there are some great spots along the parade route on Long Street to watch the fireworks go off. The Nationwide Blvd and the Washington St are also very good locations to watch the fireworks.

If you are from out of town some downtown hotels provide best locations to enjoy the fireworks display. The Double tree Hotel, The Westin, and the Renaissance hotel all have some of the best rooms with ideal views of the Independence Day fireworks. But these rooms are booked months in advance so check early on.

Other than these spots which are in the heart of downtown in the surrounding area of Veterans Memorial Hall, there are some close by locations which are also nice to watch these fireworks. One of them is Goodale Park in Victorian Village. Another one is Cooper Stadium which is also usually full of spectators by nightfall.

The Red, White and Boom really are a spectacular part of Independence Day celebrations here in Columbus Ohio. After a day full of wonderful activities and the fireworks are really like the icing on top of the cake, which makes the celebrations complete.