Cincinnati Nightlife

Cincinnati is one of the biggest cities in Ohio and can offer plenty of opportunities for a fabulous night out, if one knows where to look. From tucked-away, low-key, outdoor restaurants that remain open well into the wee hours of the night, to loud nightclubs that come complete with a cover charge and a slew of beautiful people, the range of entertainment venues can accommodate eclectic tastes of every diversion seeker.

One of the key neighborhoods that boasts a concentration of nightlife venues is Mount Adams. Located atop of a hill, the winding roads will eventually lead you to an array of bars that remain open until 2:30 in the morning during typical weekend nights. For a laid-back night of sophisticated wine tasting that attracts crowds of all ages, The Wine Cellar is an excellent little gem in the heart of the Mount Adams entertainment district. With wine bottles adorning the dimly-lit perimeter walls of the cellar, reasonably-priced wine menus, and authentic live bands that provide soft acoustic background to lively gatherings of friends, the Wine Cellar is a perfect choice for connoisseurs and newbies alike.

Right across the street, the Monk’s Cove provides a more lively feel of a sports bar. Open to the outside in the summer, Monk’s Cove is ideal for college football fanatics and those who are simply looking to kick back a few shots in a fun, and never rowdy setting. As the bar is smaller in size than other comparable sports bars, entertainment sometimes spills out onto the street, adding to the party atmosphere of the neighborhood.

The Pavilion is another venue in Mount Adams and the only place that has two dance floors, one on second and another on a third level of this multi-storied, indoor/outdoor nightclub that overlooks the Cincinnati skyline. People come as much for the dancing as for the food and the magnificent views of the city. Each level has its own bar and the main two dance floors play a variety of today’s top hits and house music.

Downtown Cincinnati can, at a first glance, be viewed as not having a nightlife district and can be, mistakingly, overlooked as a party destination. Make no mistake, however, as the downtown district has several good bars and clubs scattered amongst commercial buildings. Club Bang, for example, is a premiere destination for the hippest and the trendiest of the city. While the cover charge is high, the venue is well worth the price as its interior evokes the sounds and sights of the hippest clubs in New York and Miami. The crowd is young enough for a nightclub, but as most college kids cannot afford the pricy extravagances of Bang, young professionals make up the bulk of the club-goers.

Another noteworthy downtown venue is the newly-opened Blackfin’s. With a bar and booth seating in the front and a dance floor in the back, Blackfin’s gets packed early in the night. It is a slightly less pricy alternative to Bang and the crowd is a mix of recent college graduates, students and those who spill over from The Lodge bar next door.

The above-mentioned Lodge bar is an urban venue with a rurally-themed interior. Clad in faux-wood paneling and featuring a multitude of hunter’s paraphernelia, the Lodge is an escape for country boys and girls. The music always remains in the top-fourties and party classics range and the bar itself is an eclectic mix of the young and the young at heart. The Lodge can get crowded and tensions between drunk patrons can often escalate to a fight, but the drama may be worth enduring, as evident by its loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

Let’s teleport to another neighborhood with a prominent nightlife district – Mount Lookout. A short distance away from Mount Adams, this neighborhood is well-known for its authentic restaurants and local bars. The Stand is one of those bars that has become known for its broad selection of jukebox music and late hour dancing. The bar is a cozy arrangement of tucked-away couches, bar stools and a pool table, leaving just enough room for a DJ booth and a dance floor.

Finally, there is Hyde Park, which is widely considered to be one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Arthur’s and Teller’s are the two bars with very similar atmospheres and both indoor and outdoor patio seating. If you are in a mood for a delicious burger and an equally satisfying brew, Arthur’s is the place to go for great food and a lively party atmosphere. If you are looking for more unique menu choices and a hipper-than-thou crowd, Teller’s is the place to hit that spot.

As Cincinnati grows and becomes more renowned for its entertainment venues, more great places will be sure to spring up everywhere. Moreover, there are always a few hidden gems in every neighborhood that only the locals know about, and this remains true in Cincinnati. For over the top entertainment, exquisite food and people watching, try all of the places above to get an adequate taste of the Cincinnati nightlife; but if none of the above are your cup of tea, pick up a local guide to little-known neighborhood restaurants and bars and you will be pleased with what you will find.