A Local Institution

Independence is a Cleveland Ohio suburb and Harry’s Steak House is an Independence institution. In 1997 Harry Hatzis purchased the former Brown Derby and it was renamed. Harry’s. Harry’s is a family friendly restaurant that serves “the finest in aged, corn feed beef” according to their menu.

The menu may be a little beef heavy but there are lots of other choices as well. Their rotisserie chicken is very popular and if you want some you should order it early. We got there a little late and it was already sold out. You can order it whole to take out or in ‘s if you are eating in.

If you are looking for a great meal deal, they offer an early bird type special every day, two dinners for $14.99. There are some really good choices too, sirloin tips, beer battered cod and bone in pork chop just to name a few. The entree will be served with a salad, a side and rolls and butter.

We arrived after the time for the specials and it was a Sunday evening not a Monday when the Prime rib is served for $18.99 with seconds on the house, a great deal if you are a serious meat lover.

No matter which of the meals you order you will receive a family size bowl of salad. You can order the dressing of your choice and in our case there were three of us so we got three different dressings. It is a simple salad, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion and grated cheddar cheese. The honey mustard dressing was quite good as the Italian. The rolls were warm with cinnamon butter, quite yummy.

We all ordered steak. The two guys ordered the New York Strip and I ordered the Steak Medallions Rockefellar. My husband ordered his steak medium rare and it was delivered closer to well done. He sent it back and the second time it was cooked correctly. My medium well medallions were well done but I was alright with that. The third steak was perfect. For my side I had the au gratin potatoes. They were more like mush but that may be because it was quite late in the day. My steak was covered in crab meat and it was really heavily covered. The Hollandaise sauce was just okay it wasn’t great.

For dessert I had a piece of pumpkin cheesecake and a coffee and it was a real winner. It was lusciously delicious. The service at Harry’s was great, we really enjoyed our waitress and the atmosphere is inviting. The food was good but not great. There were plenty of big tables where a family could gather. We liked Harry’s even if we didn’t love the food.