The Chistmas Lights of Chistmas Town USA Bring Holiday Cheer from far and near

One of the best ways to enjoy the Holidays in the Charlotte region is by making a trip to one of her neighboring cities. McAdenville, NC otherwise known as Christmas town USA. Starting December 1st through December 31st. You can find driving direction on the McAdenville web site at This A must see experience for all ages.

The residents, on the main road through McAdenville, turn on their Christmas lights and it is nothing short of spectacular. Literally hundreds of thousands lights in every color of the rainbow gleam and twinkle bringing the childhood excitement only a Norman Rockwell painting could express. The very best way to get the full holiday experience is to bundle up, bring a thermos of hot chocolate, park your car and walk through the town. Even the Grinch himself could not resist embracing the holiday cheer while walking the tensile laden sidewalks of McAdenville NC. Some houses have carolers singing classic Christmas tunes; others have animated characters set to delight, old and young alike. While strolling you may meet a resident or business owners offering tales of the towns history. If for some reason a walk through the town is not a feasible because of disabilities or weathers the next best way to experience Christmas town USA is to ride through. Turn your lights off, radio to Christmas music and enjoy the sites and smell from the comfort of you car. The winding streets and each house bringing fresh excitement of the Christmas season. If all the lights, sounds and smells have not totally enveloped you in Christmas cheer, reaching the end of your journey there is the Lake of Lights. Silence around and only the muted sound of carolers in the distant. The fountain lights the lake from the center the decorated trees light the edge.

In the Charlotte area coming to see McAdenville lights during the Christmas holiday are a must. Did I mention the reasonable price? With cost everything soaring these days, especially during the holidays you can’t beat this price: It’s free. Yea, that’s right free. It’s no wonder people come from all around and locals line up every year. If by chance, you were lucky enough to experience McAdenville in the snow it would be a Christmas gift you will never find in a store. Don’t pass it up, you wont be sorry. Have a very Merry Christmas and make many memories.