The best Chinese Restaurants in Raleigh Nc

Every group of people who has immigrated to the United States has brought its cuisine with them. None has proved more popular with Americans than Chinese food. Thanks in large part to the California Gold Rush, Chinese immigrants from Canton came to the States in the 1880’s. Not only did they help in the mines, but they also were invaluable in building the Transcontinental Railroad. As the workers spread across the country to even more jobs, their cuisine went with themyes, even to Raleigh, North Carolina.

By the 1920’s, eating at a Chinese restaurant was considered cosmopolitan and exotic. And while, the Chinese food most of us enjoy today is far different than that served in China, it still uses rice, noodles, stir-fried vegetables and meats, and savory sauces. To please American palates, early Chinese restaurants advertised in their windows that they were Chinese-American. Today, as the U.S. palate has grown in sophistication, Chinese restaurants are freer to serve fare closer to the original Canton and Mandarin styles. All of these restaurants have a long history of their own in Raleigh.

Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant, 7713 Lead Mine Rd. Ph. 919.846.1988

Imperial Garden was the original Chinese restaurant in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. Opened in 1987, the original wait staff and cooks are still there and still preparing and serving delicious foods. Open for lunch and dinner and a lunch buffet on Sundays, this restaurant has a menu that will take you awhile just to read. When in doubt, select at least one of their specialties.

Lake Tung Ting Shrimp consists of delicious shrimp sauted in Chinese fresh vegetables and fluffy egg white. Orange Flavored Beef simmers crisp coated slices of beef in a spicy, tangy orange sauce. Pi Pa Tofu blends tofu and shrimp into balls which are fried and sauted in a succulent sauce. Hungry yet? You’ll find lots to like at Imperial Garden.

Winner of several Metro Bravo awards, The Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 2513 Fairview Rd. Ph. 919.782.1102, is also a restaurant with history bragging rights in Raleigh. Serving both in house and take out, Red Dragon has an extensive menu of all the standards plus chef specialties.

A reference point of any good Chinese restaurant is the Hot and Sour Soup, and the Red Dragon’s is flavorful and spicy. Their Tofu with vegetables and Chicken with Broccoli draw consistent rave reviews. The staff takes time to explain the spiciness level of their various sauces and are eager to cook each item to please you.

The Fortune Palace Restaurant, 2815 Brentwood Road (Stony Brook Shopping Center) Ph. 919.850.0086.

The FortuneEW56B Palace serves not only Chinese but Thai and Malaysian cuisine as well. They have a popular lunch buffet Mon-Saturday for $5.50, but their real stars are the numerous well-seasoned specialties including some authentic recipes such as Tripe with Pepper Sauce and Spicy Sliced Pig’s Ear. But don’t be squeamish – they have over 100 traditional offerings.

Fried Calamari with Garlic is the favorite starter for American customers. Add just a little adventure to your ordering and try Baby Fish with Peanuts, a salty-spicy mix of peanuts, scallions, and crisp-fried whole tiny fish. A favorite soup is the Pork with Pickled Cabbage, a nice alternative to Hot and Sour. There are so many entrees to choose from but try Three Cup Chicken, Stir-fried Duck with Celery, and Crispy and Salty Whole Shrimps. Excellent food and attentive wait staff are just two of the reasons why The Fortune Palace has been bringing in customers steadily for the last 11 years.

Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant, 126 E. Millbrook Road.

Rated as one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the U.S. by Chinese Restaurant News, Peking Garden was opened by Cody Tseng 16 years ago. With a dedication to freshness and healthy cooking with low salt, low oil, and No MSG, Peking Garden has a huge following. The menu alone makes your mouth water. Salt & Pepper Grouper, Orange Peeled Shrimp and Scallions, and Black Pepper Steak are three popular items in this always good restaurant.

We have the Chinese to thank for bringing their cuisine to the United States and we have the diners of Raleigh to thank for encouraging the many fine Chinese restaurants in their city. Don’t forget the fortune cookies!