Discovery Place Charlotte Nc Things to do with Kids in Charlotte Science Museums Charlotte Nc

The study of a child’s surrounding environment brings forth a global awareness and appreciation of nature and living things, helping kids connect, with greater understanding, to the world in which they live. Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina implements an entertaining exploration of the enivironment and living things through exhibits, special events, and IMAX presentations. This interactive museum is filled with wide-eyed wonder, inquiry, and learning for children of all ages.

There is an exciting array of workshops offered at Discovery Place, covering a wide range of topics and age groups. Parents and children can participate in these workshops by registering ahead of time. Discovery Place workshops include continual use of the scientfic process of: making observations, hypothesizing, predicting, experimenting, and theorizing. With activities such as, exhibit touring, arts and crafts, archaeological digs, and live animal fun, Discovery Place comes alive with curious chatter and high-level thinking. The interactive workshops are excellent for hands-on learning, and are a great way for families to spend quality learning time together. Examples of offered workshops include; Windy Weather, Ocean Animals, Dinosaur Roar, and African Animals, to name just a few. Children who may have a piqued interest in a particular topic can delve into the nitty-gritty of it, gaining more knowledge while having a blast doing it!

Discovery Place is chock-full of two levels worth of exciting and interactive exhibits, some of which offer scheduled, live shows, as do the Aquarium, Knight Rain Forest, and Einstein’s Corner. Kids can get involved through experiential learning by; exploring rocks and minerals in the Geo Center, touching and observing the sea-life of the Tide Pool area, test their meteorology skills in Our Living Planet amongst many other highlights. In addition to the permanent exhibits, Discovery Place introduces a featured attraction that teaches scientific concepts through child participation, bringing learning to life.

The IMAX films offered at Discovery Place are spectacular with exciting visuals and information that combine history and science. These in-depth documentaries heighten exploration by integrating entertainment and information, making for a film-tastic adventure for parents and kids to enjoy.

Ticket pricing is budget-friendly and offers mixing and matching options. Families can experience as many parts of Discovery Place as is affordable with the least expensive tickets being $10.00 per adult and $8.00 per child, and the most expensive tickets, which include every feature of the venue, costing $26.00 per adult and $21.00 per child. Discovery Place is very affordable considering it provides an entire day of learning and fun.