Best Places to Jog in Raleigh Nc

Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina has great spots to go jogging. I prefer Cary yet Raleigh is my second choice of places to go jogging in North Carolina. Where to jog in Cary and why….

Academy Street is a road that is found in downtown Cary. There is a police station if you need help, restaurants if you are hungry, and arcades if you want to stop and play a game.

I am a young jogger and a junior in high school so jogging to me requires extra breaks of fun ideas. Along Academy Street there is an ice cream shop, one of my favorites. Cary, North Carolina is where my heart remains, that’s where my girlfriend lives. We jog together, it makes the running more easier to commit to.

Raleigh, North Carolina has many streets and jogging trails to jog on. There is Umstead Park where there are so many trails that a jogger could get lost if there were no signs. If you go to Umstead Park do not forget to bring a small lunch to have a mini-picnic with. Another great addition to my jogs at Raleigh when I am in town, is when I bring my dog with me. He likes to run aside of me. Umstead Park is the perfect place for a jogger and their pet. Umstead Park is found off of the belt-line 40, next to the airport exit. Signs will guide you to Umstead Park.

Dixie Trail is another good place to jog down in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dixie Trail guides a jogger or college student to the trillion coffee shots and book stores. Joggers always take a break before going further into the city of Raleigh.

Jogging is a lot of fun but you really have to bring an extra container of water if you are in Cary or Raleigh jogging. It’s the deep south, it can get hot outdoors.

Jasper Park is another place I have heard of but have never been there. They have trails lasting up to one mile long each way like the branches of a tree but they meet each other in the end like a clover by-pass. It is free to jog there and they have a snack bar to quench your thirst. Not a bad place from what I hear.

Jogging in Cary or Raleigh has given me a scenic route. The green trees of North Carolina are like no other in any state with sweet smells of honey-suckles flowers wherever you jog. It is refreshing and a great feeling to jog in an area as beautiful as this.

I am still young and have much to look forward to. I look forward to jogging in the Raleigh run one day. It’s a contest of runners in the city for charity. The contest is in the city of Raleigh and happens only once a year. There is a small charge to participate and no dogs allowed during this run. Check it out! You may find yourself entering one day too.