The best Ways to Save Money while Living in Rochester Ny

Rochester is a great place to live, and the best thing about living in Rochester is that you can save a lot of money living here. There are many ways that you can save money while living here, and even if you don’t have a job just yet, there are ways that you can keep that savings going as long as possible. You will be surprised how many ways you can save money in this town, and here are a few of those ways in which you can save.

There are a lot of local thrift stores, and charities that are selling used items for cheap. Me and my roommate got a really sweet looking glass table from the Goodwill store for a measly 20 bucks. That table would have been a couple of hundred dollars if we had bought it new, or even in a store used. The thrift stores around town are a good way to save some money, and help the community out at the same time by giving them money.

There are always flea markets, and garage sales around town as well. Every weekend during the summer months you can see someone having a yard sale, or some sort of sale where things are going for cheap. In the southern tier of New York there is a fairly regular flea market, and you can find almost anything that you could possibly want. There are also the Dome sales, where merchants go to the Dome Center in Henrietta and you can get good deals.

If you happen to live by an apartment complex, or do live in one, you can always see what people are trying to get rid of when they move. You would be amazed what people will just leave out, or be willing to give you cheap simply because they have no space for it. You can get a lot of furniture for your decks, or something for people to sit on for free simply by checking what people might be leaving out on trash night. You can find decent chairs, or old couches for free.

There are cheap grocery stores around too. Aldi has a couple of locations in the area where you can buy cheap store brand items. If you have a shoppers club card you can save a lot of money shopping at Wegmans. You can go on craigslist to see what people are willing to give away, or trade for other items in the area.

There are many ways you can save money in the Rochester area. Just check out the deals you can find in the fliers, on TV, or by browsing the Internet. There are always people looking to get rid of stuff for cheap, or even for free sometimes. If you are smart, you can find a lot of easy ways to save money in Rochester.