Most Fun Restaurants in new York

I travel two or three times a year to New York because I just love this city. I love everything about this city but choosing a restaurant can be a difficult endeavor. There are a lot of tourist traps and from fun you can go to despair when you receive your plate…and the check! It is also an expensive place to eat. The restaurateurs know that if you hate the restaurant you will simply not go back and the damage to their sales is not very great. You notice that many waiters are not all that attentive to you because they know that you probably will never go back there. All that said, how do you pick a fun restaurant?

1)Zagat guide: The Zagat is probably one of the better guides to choose a restaurant. They have categories where you can select which kind of restaurant you would like to go to.

2)Internet: Once you have chosen a restaurant in the Zagat, you search the Internet for other reviews of that particular restaurant.

On my last trip to New York, I was staying at the 6 Columbus circle hotel near Central park and on my last night there I wanted to stay near the hotel to have dinner. I looked at the Zagat and found a restaurant named Nino’s of Tuscany on west 58th. I decided to go have a look at the menu and after looking at it, I decided to have dinner there. It is a good thing I did because I ended up having a fun night out. The food is excellent and not too pricey. I had the linguine vongole, 19$, and a half-bottle of Chianti reserve ducale for 24$. The surprise of the night was Irving Fields. He is a 92 year old pianist who plays there 6 nights a week. He begins playing around 7 o’clock but before he does he goes around the room to ask you for special requests. I chatted with him a bit and asked him to play Fly me to the moon from Sinatra. He then began telling me how he had many arrangements for that particular song. He still plays incredibly. It gave a special atmosphere to the dinner. You felt transported back to an era where there was live music in restaurants, but live music where you can still talk!

I recommend this restaurant for everyone and I suggest that you don’t wait too long because, I hope his health stays great for many years, of his age. However, you would never believe his age when he plays. He still has amazing dexterity and enthusiasm!