Hot Proposal Spots in the Big Apple

     It may seem a tad clichéd, but there is perhaps no more romantic place to pop the question in the Big Apple than the observation deck of the Empire State Building. The city is at your feet and you feel like you’re close enough to touch the starry sky. It is an ideal place to take the first steps toward a life together. This is a site made famous by history and celebrated in movies. In the classic “An Affair to Remember”, the two lovers agree to meet at the top of the Empire State Building six months after meeting. This is assuming their feelings for each other have not changed after returning to their respective lives. The theme was reintroduced many years later in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”. Meg Ryan’s character, Annie Reed, dreams of her ideal romantic encounter at the top of Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. It is, quite possibly, one of the most romantic spots New York City has to offer.

     If your intended is the outdoors type, Central Park offers many romantic options, from its horse drawn carriages to its boat rides on the lake. There’s even a castle in Central Park, which stands on a hill overlooking the turtle pond. On the lake, one can either rent a rowboat or relax in a gondola. The gondolier has been known to sing and could perhaps be persuade to serenade you and your partner with your song or something equally romantic. The North Woods are also exquisite; one feels transported to another place and time. You might want to consider the gardens at the northern end of the park for the wedding, but it is lovely spot for a proposal as well. While Central Park has a lot to offer in terms of romance and wonder, there are also several riverside parks, which also boast some spectacular views. Many New Yorkers are tourists alike are drawn to the High Line, the park that’s above it all on an abandoned railway line. Any one of these would be an excellent choice for a proposal.

     The romantic New York experience doesn’t stop at the waterfront. There are many cruises available during the warmer months, mostly to be found on the Hudson River along Manhattan’s West Side. Some depart from another scenic location, The South Street Seaport. Enjoy music, fine dining and romantic views on the water and under the stars. The Seaport itself can be quite romantic, particularly on a summer night. Outdoor dining and entertainment make it nice, the view of the bridges from the pier makes it amazing.

     Remember, New York is one of the cultural capitals of the world, with any number of fine restaurants and intimate settings. The simplest thing may be the best. An Italian restaurant with candlelight is certainly romantic. Or perhaps you could propose during a moonlight stroll on the beach. New York can be a lover’s paradise and it inspires one to be creative. Take advantage of your time in this magical city and create some unique magic all your own.