Guide to Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in new York City

Here are my five nominations for the best vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan. If I included all of New York City, I wouldn’t be able to get through them for days and months. Incidentally, all of those I named are very clean, reasonable and offer delicious food.

B & H Vegetarian is not strictly vegetarian, but offers a large selection of veggie items on its menu. It is small, but the food is cooked fresh and the veggie salads are to die for. Lots of students and young professionals eat there or rush in and rush away with take out.

Better Burger is a chain of joints that offer all-natural veggie burgers, but also serve meat and fish dishes. When my daughter lived in the Chelsea area, we often dined in the neighborhood BB. Such mouth-watering treats as their famed soy burger, soy dogs, smashed potato dishes and others are treats for the locals and visiting parents.

Hangawi is strictly vegan, if that’s what your looking for with a Korean menu. A bit pricey, but the ample servings make it worthwhile to share and mix’n’amatch platters. And you’d better be in good shape to eat here, because customers shed their shoes and squat on cushions.

Jubb’s Longevity has a name that seems to promise Methusalah years to anyone who comes in to dine. Most of the items on the menu are served raw and the tiny place caters mostly to regular Korean and Korean-food lover take-out clients. However, after you’ve made your raw selections for lunch or dinner there, the friendly staff will cook it for you and serve with an exotic tea.

New York Dosas is not a come in and sit down restaurant, but a guy in the park with a food cart. Sounds a bit chancy, and I don’t think most cousine experts would recommend dining at such a place, but students at New York University and hundreds of other food fans flock daily to this famed Dosa Man cafe on wheels at Washington Square. Tired of paying big money for the famed tourist-trap restaurants in Manhattan, my student daughter took us to this gem of an eatery and we’ve been back several times.

The food is Southern Indian fare, spicy and strictly vegan. You’d better get there during his very short hours from about 11 am to 3 pm. On the many days when he runs out of food early, and you show up at 2 pm, sorry. If you ain’t tried his vegan chicken $1 drumsticks, you’ve missed a great experience of both eating al fresco and trying to figure out how to clean your fingers before you go back to class or office.