Fusha Nyc

There are so many sushi restaurants in Manhattan’s Upper West Side that it borders on ridiculous. Fusha is just one of the many, but it distinguishes itself in many important, but not all positive ways. Located on the corner of 75th and Amsterdam, Fusha offers a not entirely unique, but most likely enjoyable dining experience.


If the food is no good, then there is never any reason to go to a place, no matter how great everything else is. One thing that is agreed upon by the masses, the food at Fusha is excellent. The sushi is so fresh and well made, even non-shushi lovers (I’m one of them) will be unable to resist. Cooked dishes, whether appetizers or entrees are almost as expertly crafted, and certainly still delicious. There is a decent selection of wine and mixed drinks, though the beer selection is limited. The prices for everything is very reasonable, and consequently, Fusha is a great deal for one half-step below culinary perfection.


To each his own, and thusly, I will attempt to keep personal preferences out of this section. Inside, it was very dark, and sometimes difficult to read things on the menu. A nearby patron required a pen light in order to make his order. The music that was being played was a fusion of techno and traditional Japanese music. Some might have found the volume to be a bit on the loud side. The majority of the decorations were very interesting and beautiful. Unfortunately, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch, and this bad apple was the fake candle. Each table was outfitted with one of these flickering light bulbs. To return to being positive, the dishes and glasses were for the most part very interestingly shaped, without sacrificing functionality.


To this point in the review, the only negative aspects were really just nit picking. The service at Fusha, however, is not just nit picking. The service was bad. This is not to say that people were being rude, inappropriate, messing up orders, or anything along those lines. It was just very very slow, and unapologetically so. The size of the wait staff was such that you wouldn’t have to expect to wait for anything. I would be willing to consider that my night was an anomaly, but I’ve heard the same complaint from just about anyone who’s ever been there.


It may be the best sushi in the neighborhood, but I can only recommend Fusha if you are feeling particularly patient.