Driving and Parking in new York City

New York City is without a doubt one of the coolest places to be, and it is on most peoples list of travel destinations. The nightlife, partying, environment, the infamous Times Square, over a hundred famous tourist attractions withing traveling distance for almost everyone, gives most the incentive to visit this wondrous city. Having mentioned the hustle bustle type of life which takes place in New York City, first time visitors are not very aware of how interesting the city’s traffic is. People have in fact over exaggerated the driving issue which does in fact take place in New York City, but it is not as bad as some say it is. In fact if you get used to all the taxi’s rash overtaking maneuvers and changing 4 lanes at once to catch a customer for a taxi ride, you should be fine. However getting used to the driving is somewhat of an issue with visitors as time would be an issue.

When driving on the streets of Manhattan you will find taxi’s all over the place trying to find customers or speeding off just to cross the signal and get to their destination within minimal time. They will pass you no matter what it takes so becareful if it is your first drive in the city. With so many avenues and streets people do tend to get lost with how the the avenue and street system works in the city. For first time riders having a hard copy of driving directions in your hand or a GPS system would be priceless. Traffic can have a major effect on getting from one place to another especially during rush hour times as it may take you, in some cases, hours. Driving in downtown is committing car suicide, as the roads narrow down and foot traffic increases; hence making it harder for cars do get by their way.

Another major issue with bringing your car into the city is an added headache of parking it. As if it weren’t enough to just get to your destination, after finally waiting for hours in traffic, there is then the problem of parking your car. With parking restrictions such as Manhattan’s, visitors may start to regret having a car. If your looking for parking on the avenues forget about it, because that is not gunna happen. On the streets you will either run into parking rules where commercial vehicles are only allowed from 7-7 from Mon-Fri or streets where you are not allowed to park at all, including SUNDAYS. If your out driving in the city on a Saturday or Sunday you might be in some luck, as lots of streets have free parking for the weekend. Having said that, there still lies the problem of getting the parking as most streets are usually full.

Parking in garages will be like spilling your money right out of your pocket the way a little boy likes to spill the huge glass of milk his mom gave him to make him strong. Parking costs in garages go by the hourly rate, one-day flat rate, or monthly rates. The hourly rates would usually cost you around $8.00-$10.00 an hour, while one-dat flat rates would cost you in the range of $30.00-$40.00. Finding parking garage near you, whether you’re in downtown for shopping or you are at mid-town checking out Radio City Hall and Rockerfeller Center, should not be a problem. However the money will be.

Having lived in the city for a long time I have had first hand experience with all these problems. Now living in Queens, I have the easy option of coming into the city on the ever reliable New York Transit system. Do not underestimate the transportation options in the city if you do not having a car. The busses and trains running in the city are most New York residents first and foremost choice when choosing between their transportation options. Have a blast on your trip to the heart of America!