Driving and Parking in new York City

If someone asked me about driving or parking in New York City, I would say, in a word, DON’T. That aside, even I have had to drive into the city. Granted, it was only once but once was more than enough. If you have no other choice and you must drive, here are my tips and warnings for traversing the streets of Manhattan.

Rush hour – Avoid it if possible. Driving into the city is difficult enough without doing it during the morning or evening rush.

Gridlock – The city is a maze of one-way and narrow streets filled with obnoxious and aggressive drivers. If that isn’t bad enough, New York City drivers, when in gridlock, have a penchant for horn-honking. Since it does absolutely no good, why they continue is still a puzzle to me.

Filling the tank – Gas stations are rare in New York City so take advantage of them when you are lucky enough to find one.

Road conditions – The good news is that, for the most part, New York City streets are in good condition. The bad news is that, in order to keep them that way, the road and bridge repairs are a constant in Manhattan. Be prepared for delays, detours and bottlenecks.

Parking – Driving is tough but parking is worse. Parking garages charge ridiculous rates – as much as $20 to $30 for two hours. Parking on the street is almost impossible with the result being, in a New York minute, a ticket and tow charge. Make sure that you check the parking signs before you walk away from your car. They are perplexing and vary from block to block.

In return for these tips, if you find a free parking spot, could you please tell me about it?