Best Places in new York City for Brooklyn Style Pizza

When New Yorkers want to grab a slice they head to Brooklyn, home of the thin crust style that makes Brooklyn a world famous destination for pizza lovers. While dozens of chains claim to be “New York’s Best” or “New York’s Original” pizzeria, only a two places top the short list of “Best Places in New York City for a Brooklyn Style Pizza.”

1) Grimaldi’s – Brooklyn, New York

For the best Brooklyn style pizza go to the place that invented it. At the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, this New York landmark, established in 1905, claims to be the first American pizzeria. With a clientele that includes names like Frank Sinatra and former mayor Rudy Guiliani, it’s hard to argue with them. The thin, crispy, almost flaky crust is a signature of Brooklyn style pizza, and is a result of the coal-fired brick oven they use as opposed to the wood-fired or gas ovens of other establishments. Grimaldi claims that the coal firing is essential to the taste, and they use it at both they’re Brooklyn and Queens locations. The only downside is the for long line – over an hour on Saturday’s in the summer – but for a truly Brooklyn style pizza experience, nothing else comes close to biting into a crisp Grimaldi slice at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge on a hot June day.

2) Alligator Lounge – Williamsburg, (Brooklyn), New York

This bar touts one of the best deals in New York, and consequently makes a pretty mean pie. At the Alligator Lounge every drink – beer, cocktail, shot, you name it – comes with a free small pizza – eight slices – courtesy of the original wood fired brick oven left over from the pizzeria that used to occupy this location. The softer thin crust is a different spin on the crispier crust at Grimaldi’s, and while the taste might not be quite as amazing, the locals around Brooklyn know that the pizza at “the Gator” comes with a special secret ingredient – alcohol. The pizzas fly off the tin pans they’re served on, and no one uses plates. It’s a feeding frenzy after a few beers, and the combination of a nice cold beer and a searing hot pie is merely one part of the relaxed, hip atmosphere of this Williamsburg staple. Taste is a huge factor when determining the best Brooklyn style pizza in New York, but one can never rule out ambiance. With that in mind, head to this dive and you may discover a new side of pizza – one that incorporates the social side of eating out – after all pizza comes in slices for a reason – to share with your seven new friends.