Best new York City Pizzas

No trip to the Big Apple is complete without saying hi to Lady Liberty, a trip up the Empire State Building, and a taste of the city’s famous pizzas. But where do you find the best pizza that New York has to offer? Ask any group of New Yorker’s and you’ll get a spirited debate, but here are my top five personal favorite pizza parlors.


260 W 44th St

408 E 64th St

278 Bleeker St

Located in a deconsecrated church opposite the Majestic Theatre (home to the Phantom of the Opera), John’s location in the middle of Broadway makes it the perfect place for a post-theatre snack. Stained glass windows and quick service make dining here a pleasure. Alternatively, try the other John’s locations in the Upper East Side or in Bleeker Street. The Bruschetta, John’s version of the thin crust pizza, is light and crispy while the classic Margherita comes with tomato sauce and loads of mozzarella. John’s has a famous “No Slices” policy, so bring your appetite with you.


32 Spring St

Opened in 1905, Lombardi boasts that it is the first pizzeria in America. As popular now as it was then, this restaurant is always packed, although since they took over the space next door, the lines have shortened considerably. Try their signature topping of pepperoni and home-made meat balls as well as the delicious clam pie. However, make sure you’ve got enough greenbacks as it’s cash only, just like in the old days.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn

Located in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, there’s always a long line outside Grimaldi’s. The pizzas are baked in classic coal-fired brick ovens, producing crispy, slightly charred crusts and a unique smoky flavor. Take a stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the lights of Manhattan while walking off your meal. However, don’t make the mistake of going on Monday, because you’ll be greeted with shuttered windows.

DiFara’s Pizzeria

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn

At $5 a slice, the pizza at DiFara’s doesn’t come cheap and once you’ve made the long trek out from Manhattan, you’ll have long lines to content with before you can sample this New York favorite. However, everything becomes worth it when you take your first bite of the plain square pie. DiFara’s mix of three cheeses, the sauce and the crust is a combination you won’t forget. First timers take note: DiFara’s is cash only, takes last orders at 8.30 p.m. and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Nick’s Pizza

1814 2nd Ave

Upper East Siders got lucky when Nick’s decided to open a branch there. Although the original location is in Forrest Hills, Queens, I prefer the Upper East Side establishment, not least because of its convenience. Loaded with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, the pies taste best with a crispy thin crust. Nick’s has a no slice and cash only policy, so come prepared.