A Visitors Guide to new York Citys Oddball Laws


Time to go to the big city where outdated laws still exists. Are these laws still enforced? If they are you could be in a little trouble. Just ask the Staten Island residents about watering the lawn.the hose must be held by your hand and nothing else.
Just ask New York City’s finest why they don’t wear slippers after 10:00 p.m. cause it is the law.
Think you got right to grow anything in your window garden box as long as it is not marijuana, think again green thumb woman. In New York City it is forbidden to grow poison ivy and ragweed.
Got a new business.and cutting men’s hair is your forte that barber pole that you have outside for everyone to see should not be taller than eight feet in length according to the law in New York City.
Hey animal lovers. in Brooklyn donkeys are not allowed to sleep in bath tubs.
I think the law overlooks the animals that would sleep in a bath tub, like the ever so famous alligators in the City.
Want to lose weight and have more energy? Just don’t start climbing trees, it is against New York City regulations.
Want to wear more tight clothing cause you lost weight by climbing the trees you should have not have climbed? Think again.. It is illegal for women being on the street in NYC with body hugging clothing. Look the NYPD needs your cooperation so they don’t mistaken you for a prostitute.
Attention all Don Juan’s out there you can be fined up to $25.00 for flirting. An old law prohibits men from excessively goggling at the females walking down the street in NYC.
Want to pass time while on jury duty? Just remember not to knit while serving on the bench in the City or in all of New York.
There you have it some of my favorite NYC laws. Just remember if you go out past 10:00 with slippers, while wearing spandex and climbing a tree to save the neighbor’s cat, you are committing a triple offense!