A Guide to Shakespeare in Delaware Park in Buffalo Ny

Shakespeare in Delaware Park has been a summer tradition in Buffalo, NY since 1976. Attracting an average of 50,000 patrons per summer, this free Shakespeare festival is Buffalo’s prized gem. The venue for listening to the words of the master is a photographer’s haven. Taking place in historical Delaware Park ( which was designed by the father of landscape architecture and park making, Frederick Law Olmstead ) one will be in seventh heaven amongst the park’s beautiful roses. Just behind the rose garden visitors will find the Grand Tudor-style stage which sits atop a hill of pristine green.

How romantic to sit beneath the haloed moon with stars twinkling above while enjoying Shakespeare’s stories of life, love, passion, tragedy, laughter and so much more. The Shakespeare in the park festival offers outdoor professional theatre which is second to none. Visitors to Delaware Park can enjoy performances such as The Tempest which will run every Tuesday and Sunday evening from June 18th – July 12th (except July 4th) and Julius Caesar which runs July 23rd -August 16th.

Those who have tired of winter will surely appreciate the summer season in Buffalo, New York. As the long snow laden days of winter dissappear, the warm summer days appear. But they don’t just bring the warmth and sunshine, summer brings with it experts in portraying Shakespeare’s words as intended. Second in the nation only to New York City for attendance ( in lieu of Shakespearean festivals) this is an outdoor experience the entire family can enjoy.

Founded by Saul Elkin from the University of Buffalo’s theatre, the Grand Tudor-style stage was constructed at U.B then disassembled and reassembled on the eye-catching Shakespeare Hill. Located just off Elmwood Avenue and Lincoln Parkway close to the intriguing Albright Knock Art Gallery, Shakespeare Hill is as scenic delight indeed. The added bonus of such a fine location for The Shakespeare in the Park Festival, is that from this location one can admire the tranquil Hoyt Lake.

Pick a spot on the velvety grass, spread out a picnic blanket and your picnic basket filled with assorted goodies and come enjoy the re-enactments of Shakespeare classics such as King Lear, Romeo and Juliette, Twelfth Night and so much more. Expose your children to classic literature and take note of how spellbound they become as they enjoy the authentic costumes and so much more. Although Shakespeare in the park is free to the public and is a non profit organization, every small donation helps. The plays are brilliant, the words of Shakespeare unforgettable. The actors and actresses themselves are local, coming from a diverse range of drama schools and so forth. Who would baulk at seeing the works of Shakespeare come alive?

William Shakespeare quotes form some of literature’s most famous lines. O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? In actual fact, a plethora of these quotes from Shakespeare’s works have become celebrated catch phrases of our modern day speech. I’ll not budge an inch! A dish fit for the gods and quotes such as We have seen better days and It’s all Greek to me. Other world renown quotes such as To thine own self be true are defined as universally spoken pearls of wisdom.

More often than not, Shakespeare plays in the park are usually focused on one comedy and one tragic play. Thus displaying both sides of Shakespeare’s unique persona. Perchance one will be fortunate enough to hear the lines Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Ah how appropriate these words would be for young lovers! Or, Thou art more lovely and more temperate.

Give your family members the opportunity to enjoy the works of a literary genius. All who go to Shakespeare in Delaware Park, Buffalo NY will not be disappointed. In actual fact, I’m confident that you will be totally captivated. For more in-depth information contact (716) 856-4533. As Shakespeare said, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date”. So come enjoy the famed works of a poet, writer and philosopher extraordinaire, while the beautiful summer days last. This is a must see, must experience, outdoor concert you simply can’t afford to miss.

“He who hesitates is lost.”
William Shakespeare.