A guide to lower Manhattan in New York

In the heart of Downtown Manhattan in Manhattan, NY you will find the best of everything like shopping, dining and entertainment. There are more than twenty hotels, motels, inns and lodges for you and your guests to choose from. Their professional staff are helpful in providing the best accommodations to suit you and your party.

There are companies and businesses that prosper and flourish, making an excellent choice for relocating a business. This is the area that is also known as Lower Manhattan. Events take place in Downtown Manhattan all throughout the year and some events that are taking place right now in May are the Mosaic Project, Free Hearing Screening, The History of Wall Street Walking Tour and much, much more.

In this area there is a free bus service that makes about 37 stops at important destinations. You can save time and money by taking the bus to tour the area. There are also subway lines and ferries that offer convenient transportation to explore, shops, restaurants, businesses, and major attractions. There are a variety of services provided to local residents and tourists in this neighborhoodand they include athletic clubs, ATMs and banking, child care centers and children activities, grocery store and markets, parks, pharmacies, spas, salons, barbers, pet supply stores and a whole lot more.

There are quite a few major attractions that you would not want to miss seeing in this area and some of them are the 9/11 Tribute Center, Anne Frank Center USA, 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and the African Burial Ground National Memorial. Downtown Manhattan is an excellent place for living, working and enjoying recreational activities with family and friends. Getting around the area is really easy as hotels often provide visitors with maps and guides.

Downtown Manhattan is an island and at the tip lies the Financial District. This is the area where you will see skyscrapers, colonial streets and Wall Street. This is the same neighborhood where the World Trade Center once stood. Ferries travel this area leaving the island for Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. At one time, it was Lower Manhattan that was considered the heart and soul of New York City. Located south of the island is the Brooklyn Bridge. A few neighborhoods located in the area are Chinatown, Chelsea, Alphabet City, East Village, Greenwich Village, and Little Italy. Lower Manhattan is a unique and beautiful part of New York.