Great Salads in Albuquerque

When it comes to delicious places to have lunch, Albuquerque has its share of great places to choose. Here are two that are personal favorites of this author.

Flying Star Café

Flying Star Café has nine locations in Albuquerque. This is a very popular chain which started out in 1987 as a diner type of restaurant where breakfast and dinner were always available and you could just walk in and get a good, affordable meal. Some things haven’t changed much from the original concept but they have expanded to include blue plate specials, plenty of regular and gluten free baked goods and the usual soup, salads and sandwiches.

This author was tempted by a salad called Crave. It was so good, field greens, bleu cheese, fresh strawberries, oranges and dried cranberries and tart apples all tossed with a tomatillo vinaigrette. Chicken salad can be added and it was. The best description is of course, yum. The fruit tart is a slice of heaven, enough said.  There are great coffee drinks available and a whole lot more. Rest assured, you won’t walk away hungry.

 Grove Street Café and Market

When it comes to fresh and innovative, it is hard to imagine that there is anywhere in Albuquerque that can outshine the Grove Street Café and Market. Many of the items on their menu come from local farmers and it is evident from your very first bite that these fruits and vegetables are hot off the trees and vines. Not only are the farms local they are organic.

Open for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday through Sunday, there is a special brunch menu, the meats offered are preservative free, the eggs from free range chickens and the flavors, well they have to be tasted to be appreciated.  This writer went to the Grove Street Café and Market for lunch. It is very hard to decide what to try, everything looks, smells and sounds so good. It is easy to get distracted by the case filled with yummy looking cupcakes as well.

You order your meal at the counter and are given a number. Your meal will be brought to your table. There are soup, sandwich and salad choices. The Farmers Salad is a real winner. Loaded with farm fresh veggies, goat cheese, almonds and an amazing lemon basil vinaigrette, it is light enough to leave room for one of the amazing cupcakes, coconut was phenomenal, and yet hearty enough to be a meal.

When you are done eating, be sure to check out all the goodies that are for sale around the restaurant. If you are visiting here, it is a great place to pick up a little something to take home, which is what this writer did.  

This is just a small sampling of the great food that is available at lunch time in Albuquerque. Time was the only thing that limited this list to two stops.  However, what the list lacks in quantity, it has in abundance, quality.