Where to Live in in Jersey City

Jersey City’s close proximity to Manhattan makes it a prime location for people looking for the convenience of being close to Manhattan with a neighborhood that has a style and culture all its own. There are several different areas which offer desirable real estate to buy or rent, and you only need to consider what you want most out of your home and what your price poitn is. Any of these options will give you a fun, comfortable place to live.

1) Paulus Hook: The downtown area of Jersey City is its historic district. With some of the older charm, this area is still not a bad commute to NYC or a long walk to the waterfront. You can take advantage of some of the greatest perks of Jersey City without actually paying the higher prices and taxes for it. Some of the jewels of this area as far as real estate go are older townhouses which offer space for any family. There are also various office buildings and restaurants for your convenience.

2) Avalon Cove: With lots of stunning views and plenty of little shops and funky restaurants, the water front is a great place to look for a home. It also has one of the quickest commutes into the city with the PATH located right there. One of the downsides of this area is the price. Not only are the prices on apartments higher but the taxes are as well since the properties are slated as luxury accommodations.The property you find here has some of the steepest rents, but for what you get, if you can afford it, then it’s worth it.

3) The Heights: This section of Jersey City is furthest from New York City, but offers some of the best options around. One of the highlights of the The Heights is the Pershing Field Park. This park offers an outdoor running track, Olympic sized pool, ice skating rink, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a baseball diamond. Use of the park’s facilities is free except for the rink and pool. Besides the park, the blocks surrounding this area are tree-lined and offer a serene environment not expected in a city so close to the Big Apple. While it’s a bit out of the way because the light rail lines are not in this neighborhood, there are buses which take you right to the port authority if you need to catch a train into the city. The prices here generally tend to be lower due to the lack of light rails in the area, but there is still a variety of options and you only need to check out what is available in your price range.

Whether you’re interested in being close to NYC, close to a park, or right on the water, there is an option for you to visit or rent in Jersey City. Check out each area, hammer our your priorities and price point, and then figure out what’s best for you. Good luck!