Van Vorst Park Jersey Citys Historic District

If you are looking to move or even visit Jersey City, New Jersey one of the first places you might want to explore is the historic downtown district. This district consists of the neighborhoods, of Grove Street, Harsimus Cove, Hamilton Park, and Van Vorst Park. While the neighborhood of Paulus Hook has sometimes been spoken of as part of the downtown historical district it is actually part of the nearby waterfront district.

What makes Jersey City’s downtown historic district so appealing is it’s old fashioned charm in the midst of a modern large city. Most of the neighborhoods in this district are a mixture of old townhouses and newer buildings that are part of Jersey City’s Renaissance.

While the whole historical district is worth seeing, Van Vorst Park is arguably the best neighborhood in the entire district. Named for Cornelius Van Vorst an early Dutch settler, who came to the area around 1630s and the generations of his family who were to follow. Van Vorst Park is truly a reminder of a bygone era.

Built on the town square principle, the neighborhood features at its core, Van Vorst Park, one of New Jersey’s most formal parks. This beautiful old fashioned Victorian park features a wooden gazebo, viewing fountain, and beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers along the walking paths. It also has a wonderful playground.

It is exactly what it was meant to be. A neighborhood park available for the residents of the Van Vorst neighborhood to enjoy. You can bring your children here for an afternoon of play, or find a relaxing hour wandering the paths and gazing at the flowers, or enjoying the view of the park from the beautiful gazebo.

Surrounding the Park itself are old brownstone homes along Montgomery, York, and Barrow streets, and Jersey Avenue. Most of these brownstones date from the Civil War through the 1890s. Many have been revamped, but have kept their original facades, thus providing the feeling of a neighborhood where time has stood still.

The Van Vorst neighborhood association has taken great pains to see that any new buildings added to this district are in strict keeping with the look and feel of the neighborhood. You won’t find any glass and metal towering new age buildings in this community.

What you will find are quaint little shops with brightly striped awnings, some beautiful townhouses with stone stoops, and bracketed cornices, and a sense of history carried from one generation to the next.

It is a neighborhood made of mostly working families, the salt of the earth. Who truly love the neighborhood in which they live.

This neighborhood is the home to City Hall, The Jersey City Free library, and the Jersey City Museum.

Van Vorst Park is a rare gem in our ever-changing society. A neighborhood that holds all the appeal of a simpler time in our countries history where the neighborhood you lived in was the foundation of your world.

It is a beautiful reminder of the past, keeping pace with the present. It is truly a unique and wonderful neighborhood to visit and to live.