The best Pizzerias in Jersey City NJ

There’s nothing like biting into a piping-hot slice of fresh pizza. With crispy bread, hearty tomato sauce and savory mozzarella melted over the top, pizza is a favorite of children and adults alike. Whether you like thin and crisp New York style, the deep dish Chicago variety or any one of the many styles offered, Jacksonville, Florida offers many delicious pizzerias to satisfy any connoisseur.

Cafe La Rustique

For mouth-watering, authentic brick-oven pizza, go to Cafe La Rustique, located at 611 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302-4514. The pizza is hot, fresh and full of flavor. Cafe La Rustique also offers a variety of appetizers and other Italian dishes. Generous salads such as a cold antipasto loaded with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, roasted peppers, olives, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese provide a wonderful complement to the always delicious pizza.

Pizza alla Gargiulo

Pizza alla Gargiulo offers excellent brick-oven pizza. You will have your choice of 35 delicious toppings ranging from standards such as pepperoni and mushrooms to unique fares such as barbecue shrimp. The pizza pies are reasonable and local delivery free in this well-decorated restaurant. With a friendly staff, you never have to wait long. They offer salads and hot subs, as well as other Italian fare. Come during lunch for well-priced specials. Their location is 101 Greene Street, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302.

Hamilton Park Pizza and Cafe

For a true taste of thin, melt-in-your-mouth New York Style Pizza, try Hamilton Park Pizza and Cafe. The service is excellent, with exceptionally quick and efficient delivery times. You can dine in their cozy restaurant and enjoy their friendly waiters. Hamilton Park Pizza and Cafe also offers a variety of additional Italian dishes, including a selection of savory calzones. Their address is 194 Brunswick St # 1, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302-2362.

3 Boys From Italy Pizzeria

If you like true, authentic pizza, try 3 Boys From Italy Pizzeria. Located at 415 Monmouth St, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302-2323, 3 Boys From Italy Pizzeria makes its pizza fresh and hot to order. Slices are extremely generous and prices reasonable in this neighborhood pizzeria.


Sbarro, located in the Newport Center Mall, offers a wide range of mouth-watering pizza, which has made this chain a favorite among pizza-lovers nationwide. Whether you like thin and crispy pizza or deep dish, you will find something at this take-out mall diner. The pizza is ready almost immediately, and you can get other favorites such as stuffed pizza, calzones, salads and pasta dishes.

John’s Pizza

You won’t get single slices at this upscale pizza restaurant, because pizza is NEVER left sitting for even a minute. You get fresh, crispy pizza from its authentic New York origins, pure and simple. Despite the well-appointed urban decor, prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent. They offer 24 toppings on their coal-fired pizza, as well as a variety of other Italian dishes. They are located at 87 Sussex Street, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302.

Helen’s Pizza

Since 1968, Helen’s Pizza has been serving delicious pizza to downtown Jersey City. This family-owned restaurant has been a staple for residents and visitors alike, offering hot pizza, salads and authentic Italian cuisine. Founded by Nicolas Kalcanides of Greece, this restaurant started with $.15 slices, and although prices have obviously risen, one thing hasn’t changed: they offer delicious pizza at affordable prices. This true neighborhood restaurant is located at 183 Newark Ave, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302-2813.

Jersey City, New Jersey, offers a wide selection of restaurants for any pizza-aficionado. From small, take-out restaurants to nationally known chains, the eateries offer reasonable prices, cozy atmospheres and, of course, delicious pizza.