Jersey City

Jersey City, New Jersey is a really special city, as it holds beautiful views of the New York City skyline. Because of this spectacular scenery, the best way to get exercise is to head outdoors and go for a jog. Fortunately, Jersey City is home to many beautiful parks that are perfect for taking a run. Here is a guide describing some of these great jogging locations.

The first great place to go for a jog is at Liberty State Park, located at Morris Pesin Drive ((201) 915-3409). This is an excellent park to see the views of Ellis Island, Lady Liberty and the New York City skyline. As for jogging, there is a four-mile loop along a brick pathway, as well as plenty of grass where you can run on as well. In addition, you can stop and workout at one of the exercise stations that are located in the park, where you can stretch and warm up with various exercises.

The next great place to go for a jog is Lincoln Park along John F Kennedy Boulevard, which holds a paved loop that is nice for a jog, that offers nice views of lakes and trees. There is also a quarter-mile track located right next to the park, that is great for running timed intervals. Finally, there are many sports fields within Lincoln Park if you are interested in getting exercise through a team game of basketball, baseball or more.

Leonard Gordon Park, located at John F Kennedy Boulevard and Manhattan Avenue, is another place where you can go for a jog. There, you can check out the beautiful animal sculptures that were designed by artist Solon Hannibal Borgium, which can help distract you from your workout. In addition to the artwork, you will be treated to many beautiful trees and hilly landscape, making for a great place to enjoy a jog.

Finally, the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is another popular place to enjoy a jog. Again, this waterway offers beautiful views of the harbor overseeing the New York City skyline, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. This walkway connects several parks from the George Washington Bridge to the Bayonne Bridge, making several great places for starting and stopping points. As you jog on this trail you won’t be alone, as many athletes use this waterway for their daily routine. You’ll find that exercise is contagious!

As you can see, Jersey City holds many options that are perfect for the avid jogger. As you are getting exercise you can enjoy the views of the New York City skyline as well as other nice scenery. Good luck getting and staying in shape!