Best Restaurants in Jersey City NJ on the Waterfront

A variety of options wait for you in the waterfront section of Jersey City, NJ particularly north of Liberty State Park in the Paullus Hook area. Restaurants await with different styles, atmosphere, and glimpses of the river and skyline. Try one or all and you will find yourself in a beautiful place enjoying a delicious meal.

1) Liberty House Restaurant: Liberty House is located right in Liberty State Park, which is a popular Jersey City spot all its own. Surrounded by a gorgeous park, right on the river, and with fantastic views of the skyline, this is a great spot if you want the best views possible during your meal. There is a bar, raw bar, sushi station, and all sides of the restaurant are lined with windows. They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner with plenty of seafood available and fresh vegetables. The food is terrific, but the price is expensive. For those trying to save money, this restaurant should be saved for a special occasion. They also offer catering and opportunities for wedding receptions and other special events. If you want to make reservations give them a call at (201) 395-0385.

2) Honshu Lounge:Located in Paullus Hook, one block from the waterfront is the best sushi restaurant in Jersey City. It offers sashimi, traditional sushi rolls, sampler platters, and also a variety of hot dishes including noodle bowls, tempura, and a delectable sampling of appetizers. The cool lighting and modern decor offers a funky atmosphere for anyone seeking a fun lunch or dinner near the water. The quality for the value is a perk offering cheap options without skimping on the taste. There is also a second floor which is perfect for larger groups or to find a more intimate setting. You can also take out, and so to make reservations or order take out call (201) 324-2785.

3) City Vino: Open from 11am-11pm Monday through Saturday, this wine and tapas bar is a must try if you are in the area. People from Manhattan even journey over the Jersey City for this treat of a restaurant. There are plenty of options to choose from, but ultimately this restaurant offers some unique dishes you can’t find anywhere else. The Peruvian theme offers food that you’ll be talking about iwth your friends and looking to try again. In addition to the food possibilities, this is ultimately a wine bar also. You can try their wine with a meal or stop in to purchase your favorite for a meal at home with friends and family. You will find them right on Hudson Street next to the river at the corner of Essex and Hudson. If you want to give them a call for reservations, then you can reach them at (201) 333-5520.

There are plenty of places to try in the waterfront area of Jersey City, but these three will give you a good variety and a great place to start. Happy dining!