As a gorgeous part of New England, Manchester, New Hampshire holds many great places to exercise. You can head out for a jog at many different places, all of which highlight the natural beauty of the area. Here is a guide describing just some of the many fantastic places where you can go for a jog in the Manchester area.

There are many natural locations in Manchester that make for perfect jogging spot. First, you should consider jogging around Massabesic Lake, where you can appreciate the beautiful views of the lake with the trees mirrored against the perfect still water. As you are jogging, keep your eyes out for wildlife, as many deer, raccoon, fox, and waterfowls live in the area. The woods surrounding the lake are also great for jogs.

Another jogging option is the Rockingham Recreational Trail. This trail traverses a total of eighteen miles, passing two beautiful lakes, Lake Massabesic and Lake Onway, a pond, as well as a river. The wildlife available for viewing are similar to those residing at Massabesic Lake. The atmosphere is just gorgeous along the trail, there is shade to keep the sun away provided by the lovely trees, and it is surprisingly not too crowded. It makes for a perfect location for a jog!

In addition, you can jog along one of the trails available within the White Mountains. The trails can range from different levels of difficulty, so you can choose a trail that has the amount of incline you are looking for. All of the trails provide such beautiful New England views, you will forget you are even exerting yourself. With the crisp air, the bright blue skies, and the gorgeous landscape, the area is just paradise.

Finally, Manchester boasts several great parks where you can jog as well. Within the city there is Gossler Park, Derryfield Park, Victory Park and Stevens Park, which are all great places to extend your city jog to. You can also jog along some of the nice historic streets in Manchester, such as Elm Street, to take in the heart of the city as you are exercising.

As you can see, Manchester, New Hampshire boasts several great jogging locations where you can enjoy exercise, while checking out the beautiful landscape and scenery. With the beautiful wooded and watershed scenery in and around Manchester, there is no better way to get exercise than to go on a simply jog at one of these great spots! Get out there and have fun getting exercise!