With the beautiful New England scenery, Manchester, New Hampshire is home to many fantastic places to exercise outdoors. Whether you are a jogger, a bicyclist, or a walker, you will enjoy getting outside and working out in this lovely town. Here is a guide describing some of the great outdoor options to getting exercise in the Manchester area.

There are many beautiful places in Manchester that make for perfect jogging, biking, and hiking locations. Check out Massabesic Lake, where you will love the surrounding wooded scenery, and can enjoy lovely views of the water as you exercise. Another possibility is to hop on the Rockingham Recreational Trail. This trail traverses several beautiful waterways, including lakes, a pond, and a river. This makes for a gorgeous atmosphere, and lets you really relax as you are moving along. Finally, check out one of the many trails that weave through the White Mountains. There, you can find trails of different difficulty levels, ranging from large incline rock-climbing trails to easy flat trails. With the beautiful wooded scenery in New Hampshire, there is no better way to get exercise than to go on a simply walk or jog at one of these great locations!

In addition to these beautiful natural outdoor areas, Manchester is home to several great parks that are nice for exercise. Check out Gossler Park, Derryfield Park, Victory Park or Stevens Park, all of which offer a different set of options for exercise. Go for a bike ride, join in a team sport pickup game, or just go for a nice walk!

Finally, in the winter you can still get exercise in Manchester by partaking in winter sports. Head on over to the McIntyre Ski Area, located at 50 Chalet Court, for downhill skiing and snowboarding. The slopes are fantastic here, and it is also good for beginners as they offer lessons. The McIntyre Ski Area is one option, and Pats Peak and Crotched Mountain are two other ski areas offering plenty of locations for all types of winter exercise! Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also popular sports in New Hampshire, and there are many beautiful places to do these activities. You can cross-country ski at any of these ski areas, but also at State Parks, Forests and other trails.

As you can see, Manchester, New Hampshire boasts several great options to get exercise for the avid athlete. But don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery as you are working out!