Home Buying Tips Manchester Nh

Welcome to the great city of Manchester! If you have chosen to make your American dream come true here, buying a home in Manchester, you will find these tips for buying your new home helpful. No doubt you already know New Hampshire residents pay no income taxes nor sales tax, and that being centrally located to Boston, the NH Seacoast and White Mts. are all within an hour’s reach.

To purchase a home in Manchester, keep the following in mind:

1. You must put your financial house in order before applying for financing. To help you with this, a mortgage broker can calculate your purchasing price range and issue you a pre-approval letter. In calculating this, your credit score, total debts and lenghth of employment will be factored in. Without this letter, it will be diffficult, you will find most real estate agencies will not want to invest their time and effort in helping you find your ideal home.

2. It is wise to secure a buyer’s agent from a local real estate office in Manchester. The buyer’s agent works exclusively for you. They receive their commission from the seller and so this is a free service for you. They can set up appointments for house-showing, they are privy to electronic listings by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) before homes are placed on the general market. They are the first to be aware of “good deals.”

3. Once you have found a home you can affford and would like to buy, you will need to pay a fee, (usually around $300.) for a professional home inspection. This is a protection for you, as well as the mortgager. This inspection, by a trained professional, can reveal hidden flaws, termite infestations and any replacements or repairs that structually would have to be made, in order for the home to be up to code.

4. If you have family members or trusted friends who are knowlegable with trade skills, such as plumbing, electrical or carpentry, take them along with you before getting an inspection. This helps you get a better idea as to whether or not to go forward with an official inspection, and paying out the non-refundable inspection fee.

5. Check out www.trulia.com/nh/manchester for an updated listing of homes for sale and also foreclosure bargains. As of August 09, they currently list 638 homes. These homes run the gamut from rural or in-town homes, condos, town houses, muti-family houses to mobile homes.

Following are a few good places to start your financial qualifications. Also, if you are entitled to a Veteran’s loan, bring along your certificate of eligibility. This benefit can get some folks into a home with little to no money down.

1. Southern NH Bank & Trust, 1589 Elm St., Manchester (603-624-6676)

2. Financial Resources, 1045 Elm St., Manchester, (603-647-1009)

3. Key Mortgage Company, 40 W. Broad St., Manchester (603-641-9866)

To sum up, get your finances in order, get your pre-approval letter, seek out a buyer’s agent and begin your happy house hunting experience. And don’t forget, Manchester is located in good old New England territory, where us Yankees are used to haggling over the price of things. That means, do not be afraid to make counter-offers to the asking price…it’s expected!