Famous Manchester Nh People

When Adam Sandler (originally from Manchester, NH) was on Saturday Night Live, you better believe it was an exciting time for the residents here. They would suffer through whatever silly scripts the show came up with just to hear him reference the streets and hangouts folks all know and love in this proud city. If he wore his Central High shirt, phones would ring all over the place in spite of it being midnight. Now the local reaction may sound a little overboard, but it was like sharing in on a private joke, or having a special bond with the star. It is not often that this metropolis is put on the map for the world to see. In fact, when vacationing out of state, it is almost easier to say you are from Boston so you don’t have to give a geography lesson. Sure, movies have been made in New Hampshire: Jumanji filmed over in Keene, and On Golden Pond was actually on Squam Lake, but only the people that live here really know about it. Adam brought us some true recognition and also brought bucket loads of hope to the younger generation in Manchester that dreams can be realized, no matter where you hail from.

There is another reason that comes up every four years that puts Manchester in the spotlight, and that is the New Hampshire Primary. This great honor of being the first state in the nation to vote in the primary elections brings the presidents, major news anchors, and supporting celebrities into the heart of the city for many a rally speech and photo-op. It is not often that we get national coverage for a positive event-usually it is reserved for ice storms, floods, and other natural disasters. To rub elbows with Chuck Norris, hand your baby to Obama, and give your two cents to Charlie Gibson all in one day is a great day indeed, and it is another possibility to be had in Manchester, NH.

Many of the notable records held by the city read like questions and answers from Trivial Pursuit. Who were the founders of McDonald’s? Why, Dick and Mac McDonald from Manchester, NH! What would we have done without them? Who invented the Segway-ridden by many a cop and commuter? The answer is Dean Kamen, also founder of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition, a world-wide showdown between tomorrow’s leaders in engineering. His company DEKA is in the downtown Manchester mill yards, and he can be seen helicoptering in to work from his just-outside-town hexagonal mansion. How about the author of Peyton Place-that controversial novel from the 60’s that had your grandmothers blushing and churches in an uproar? That would be Grace Metalious, also of Manchester.

Reality TV has given quite a number of people here their 15 minutes of fame. Extreme Home Makeover came in 2008 to build a stunning new home for the Voisine family after their old house was destroyed by a flood. They even made it a two hour special. Local favorite of the music scene, Josh Logan, appeared on the CBS reality show “Rockstar Supernova” and made it into the top fifteen finalists. Other comedians followed in Adam Sandler’s footsteps as well, including Sarah Silverman (Jimmy Kimmel’s on-again/off-again girlfriend, and stand up comedian, actress, and star of her self-titled show) and Seth Meyers, also of Saturday Night Live.

Maybe there is something in the water here that cultivates such talent, or maybe the long, cold winters give residents more time on their hands. If you look deeply at the city’s cultural history you will learn there is a lot more to the area than blips on the radar. Professional athletes, politicians, artists, war heroes, and even more are on the impressive list of homegrown brilliance in Manchester, NH, with new achievers being added all the time.