Affordable Housing Manchester Nh

Searching for affordable living solutions, in Manchester, NH, has become a bit easier, thanks to two excellent organizations located in Greater Manchester. And, as never before, these programs are in greater need due to an apparent restless economy.

The first is called, “NeighborWorks” and this program’s mission is to provide affordable housing as well as revitalizing neighborhoods, thereby contriubing to make Manchester be, all it can be. Their statement: “We have helped thousands of people break the cycle of poverty and improve their stability through either home ownership or providing quality, affordable rental housing”.

From all accounts, this non-profit organization is doing a great job. For those wanting to buy a home in Manchester, NeighborWorks offers a free 8 hour home buyer seminar. After participation in this program, your counselor will help you determine how much you can afford in purchasing a home. They will help you get “mortgage ready”, review mortgage options with you, to help you get the best mortgage product available and continue to offer free counesling throughout the home-buying process, from beginning to end.

Other free services include; a free landlord workshop, foreclosure prevention and a program to help you learn step-by-step money managing, how to budget savings for your down payment, and credit score repairing. All these collective efforts are put forth to help you become a home owner in Manchester.

MHRA (Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority), offers a homeownerhip program also. However, this organization provides housing subsidies for over 1,800 householders through the Section 8 housing voucher program. MHRA owns and maintains over 1,200 rental apartments for folks who have a low income, or have a disability or for senior citizens in need of an affordable apartment.

MHRA is also non-profit and has provided housing assistance since 1945, at first offering housing for those returning from the war and needing a temporary place to stay. From there it has grown to provide more services, such as, vocational services, teen recreational and educational services and supporting the needs of the elderly and disabled.

MHRA is constantly on the move. They recently developed over 600 more affordable apartments for low income families and they show no signs of letting up in their efforts to provide even more.

Demetria’s Crossing is affiliated with NeighborWorks and they are currently developing 66 townhouses or condos here in Manchester. To help in being able to purchase a unit, a potential homeowner may qualify for a $20,000 deferred loan, at no interest, toward a down payment with their networked programs.

Manchester is growing, yet is still not considered a huge city, with a population of just over 120,000. Manchester is ideally located in that it is one hour from Boston, the White Mountains and the Atlantic seacoast towns of Hampton and Rye.

Another plus, being a resident of Manchester is, New Hampshire has no income or sales tax. Property taxes are a bit higher, but there are programs to even help with that!

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