Proposing in Vegas

Las Vegas is often thought of as “sin city,” the last place in the world that anyone would propose.  Sure, people get married in the many wedding chapels dotting the city, but they are the people that get married in a drunken stupor, right?  Well, that may be the reputation of Las Vegas, but it is not necessarily the reality.  There are many romantic locations for a proposal that are not drenched in sin and alcohol.  In fact, Las Vegas can be one of the most romantic destinations on earth.

If you are looking for a way to sweep the girl you are planning to marry right off her feet, there are many places right on the strip that will offer that romantic atmosphere.  The Wynn hotel and it’s sister hotel the Encore are both wonderful places to propose.  There is a beautiful private garden area near Wynn’s esplanade that would sweep any woman off her feet.  Parasol Down during the waterfall show is an incredibly romantic place to propose.  Other restaurants that would be of note for proposals here include Wazuzu or Switch at the Encore, and Stratta at the Wynn.

Another incredibly romantic hotel is the Bellagio.  Everything from the blown glass flowers on the ceiling in the lobby, to the conservatory, to the fountains out front scream romance.  If it is a quiet night, try proposing in front of the fountains, just before one of their shows.  Depending upon the crowds here, you may be able to find a quiet moment in the conservatory or in the lobby for that special moment.  There is also a beautiful and quiet area near the entrance to the pool, and behind the buffet that is perfect for that romantic proposal.

Mandalay Bay may also be a great choice for a proposal.  A beautiful daylight proposal may include renting a cabana in their pool area, where they have the wave pool.  The only thing more romantic than this may be a proposal on a real beach. 

No matter where you choose to propose, congratulations may well be in order.  Finding the person of your dreams that you want to spend the rest of your life with is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  There are many romantic locations in Vegas and the most important thing is to find the one that means the most to you.