Places to Propose in Las Vegas

There are many things people can do or say in Vegas that will not “Stay in Vegas” even though some may wish what they did would not have come back with them. Everyone knows about how Las Vegas is known for gambling, prostitutes, and quick weddings but has anyone thought about Las Vegas as a place to propose? As you continue to read you will find some examples of places and ways that are not so common and maybe more common than one would think to propose.

People hear stories about a couple going to Paris and being proposed to on the Eifel tower or in the Canals in Italy. These both are popular places that are recreated in Las Vegas where a typical individual will pay to propose at. Who has heard about playing a game of craps with your loved one and ask them to blow on the ice as you bring your hands towards them with the diamond ring in a noticeable place in your fingers. This will come as a surprise and may get you a comp from the pit boss. At the very least you will have a good crowd around you as you do this.

For the NASCAR enthusiast there is the opportunity to sponsor a lap or laps for the race. The Sponsorship costs $500 per lap and you receive a VIP parking pass and your name in the event program. If you explained to the individual you talk to at their offices at 800-644-4444 you may be able to work something special out for the proposal to show on the many screens around the track or be announced on the loud speaker. Worst case you have the Lap with the proposal in the event program. What NASCAR enthusiast would ask for a better way to propose?

The next suggestion is to find an Elvis impersonator on your walk through Vegas and tip him to do a short “love me tender” followed by a quick will you marry me as you go down on one knee. For a little more money you can even book your own Elvis impersonator and have him do the whole song with the proposal. There are many companies that provide impersonators who would do this giving a wide variety of individuals who meet your needs.

This one would take some doing on your part or the part of an accomplice. You will take your soon to be fianc out and while you are out your accomplice will use your room key to make sure the room is made up. They would then place the ring box open on the pillow of the bed and proceed to leave rose petals on the bed and in a trail leading to the room door. If you do not have an accomplice you will need to sneak away from your fianc as you do this. Sending her to the Spa would be a good way to have an hour to do this. Also be sure to have Champaign
and strawberries on hand for the rest of the evenings events will likely take place in the hotel room.

Using any one of these off-the-wall ideas while in Las Vegas
to propose would sweep many girlfriends off their feet and into submission with only the exception of the one who is not ready. Be sure to do your research so you are not left with a weekend in Las Vegas with some one you thought was the love of your life and isn’t. Also be prepared for the “yes and while we are here lets get married” response. For that you will find many different wedding chapels that are open and is just a matter of what the two of you decide on. Good luck and hope she says “Yes!”