Las Vegas Stories that Didn’t Stay in Vegas

Heather and Jim had driven all day and wanted to be in Las Vegas by sundown. Their ultimate destination was the Grand Canyon. After all, this was their honeymoon, and they may never drive this way again. Driving through the desert, Jim was tired of seeing the brown terrain and exhausted from his first honeymoon night. He asked his wife of 24 hours to take over driving for him. Heather was excited, she couldn’t wait to pull into Las Vegas. Since they were pulling a camper, Jim decided to catch some rest there. He pulled to the side of the road and went back to the camper. Quickly, he stripped to his boxers and crawled under the sheet. The lull of the road put him to sleep within minutes.

Heather drove for a couple hours and decided that she was thirsty. She tried to reach in the back seat for a soda, but could not maneuver the car and camper safely while trying to open the cooler. She pulled over to the side of the road to be safe. She thought about waking Jim, but decided that he needed his rest.

Inside the camper, Jim stirred, then realized that they were stopped. He noticed that it was about dusk and it was quiet. He stepped outside to check in with Heather, not bothering to grab his clothes. Meanwhile, Heather had gotten her soda, put her seat belt back on and fiddled with the radio, checked for traffic and began to pull away. Jim realized that the camper was moving and yelled “Heather” as loud as he could, but she had the radio on and was singing and didn’t hear him.

Jim tried to run along side her, but couldn’t keep up. He could not believe this was happening! This was his honeymoon! And he’s on the side of the highway in his boxers and socks! And he didn’t have his cell phone with him either! Many cars passed him and honked, but no one stopped. It seemed like forever, when two officers from Nevada Highway Patrol pulled over. They got out of their vehicle and were immediately laughing. When Jim told them what had happened, they decided that he couldn’t have made this up and felt sorry for him. They led Jim to their car, gave him a blanket, and radioed ahead with the description of Heather’s vehicle.
In the next county, just outside of Vegas, she was pulled over. She thought she was speeding and immediately thought of what Jim would say to her about getting a ticket. The officer told her the situation and she was shocked. She went back to the camper only to find Jim’s clothes. She didn’t know if she should laugh or cry, so she did both.

The officers waited there with her until the Highway Patrol brought Jim to her. When she saw Jim get out of the car, she ran to him and cried, “I am so sorry.” Jim replied, “I called to you as you were pulling away!” She said, “I never heard you, I was singing to a song!” Jim chuckled and held her and they both had tears in their eyes. He commented then, “Man, my family is going to have a ‘hey-day’ with this.” They thanked the officers and they thanked them back for making their jobs fun for a change.

Jim told Heather to stay put while he went to put his clothes back on. They drove a bit further that night, but did not get to Las Vegas as planned. They just wanted to be as close to each other as possible.