Guide to Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas

Someone who is a vegetarian or a vegan probably already realizes the obstacles they will face when they explore the vast choices of restaurants throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. After all, just because you’re a vegetarian (or a vegan) does not mean you want a salad every single day. Generally everybody enjoys having a wide selection of foods to tantalize their taste buds, and just because a person wants to be healthier, or chooses not to eat meat or animal by-products because of moral reasons, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same luxury.

Keep in mind that most of the buffets offered throughout Las Vegas, Nevada maintain a wide selection of fruits and vegetables for their customers. No matter where you go, there will probably be something you can order, but if you want to truly celebrate a meat-free diet, then why not go a restaurant that specially tailors to your needs?

If you’re a vegetarian (or a vegan) who enjoys the raw wholesomeness of fruits and veggies, then an excellent choice in Las Vegas would be the Go Raw Cafe which has two locations within the valley, one is located at 2910 Lake East Dr and the other at 2381 Windmill LN. I recommend you to try their Neat Loaf and Fries” which is made with rich, savory mushroom & nut loaf, and served along side with their house fries’, veggies, tomato sauce and garlic bread. If that isn’t tempting enough, then perhaps you’ll enjoy their enchiladas, Perfect Pasta, lasagna or Purple Burritos. If you are unable to make up your mind, then perhaps you’re best suited for one of their sampler platters.

Another dining option I’d suggest would be Veggie Delight located at 3504 Wynn RD. This small, friendly restaurant has specialties that include “chicken” with mushrooms, Vietnamese tomato noodle soup, French-style sandwiches and Lemongrass beef noodles. Though this restaurant is an excellent choice for any vegetarian, I do warn that vegans should order with caution, as many dishes do contain dairy products.

Now there are many other restaurant choices for a vegetarian (or a vegan) in Las Vegas, Nevada, but Veggie Delight and Go Raw Cafe are the two famous for being 100% vegetarian. Some other options, who don’t have 100% vegetarian menus, would be Ronald’s Donuts (70% of their donuts are vegan), Long Life Vege, Canyon Ranch Spa and Club, and Komol Thai Restaurant.