Within the United States of America, the State of Nevada is “The Gambling Mecca” for people who are bookies, professional gamblers and those people who work in the many casinos within the State of Nevada. As a matter of fact, the revenue derived from those gambling activities is the largest source of revenue for the State of Nevada.

Those who desire to earn a living by gambling or work within the gambling industry usually move to Nevada. The reason being is that they might have got lucky during a recent trip to that place and they now believe that they found a better way in which to earn a living. Any person who has the entry fee required can enter one or more of the many hotel sponsored card tournaments and have a chance to win more than a million dollars. The more people who enter such tournaments the higher the prize money amount that can be won.

Keep in mind that when big money can be won professional gamblers from all parts of the World take part in such an event and the entry fee can be as high as $10,000.00 U.S. dollars. Are you willing to risk that much money in order to become a millionaire? If you are a good card player you might be able to earn a living by being good enough to share some of the total prize money, in that you will win back your entry fee plus an additional amount which will be your profit. Some people call it a sport but that particular sport requires a great deal of concentration all of the time. If 10,000 people enter the tournament your chance of winning is 10,000 to 1. Then again, your chance of winning some of the total prize money greatly reduces those odds.

If you regularly watch those televised card tournaments you become aware of the fact that the same people, with few exceptions, always win a portion of the prize money. They are professional gamblers and they are the best at what they do to earn a living. You might be as good or even better than they are but there is always the “Luck Factor” to consider. That is why it is called gambling because the outcome depends upon you or they having the best hand and playing that hand to determine who, in fact, is the winner.