The State of Nevada is the “vacation get away” for tens of thousands of people each year and for thousands more it is the ideal place to go for a fun filled weekend in “The Gamblers Mecca.” Then again, tens of thousands of people, World-Wide, attend conventions each year that are held at various places within the state.

Gambling is legal within the state and a few dozen hotels have gambling casinos where thousands of people play games of chance, in hopes of winning a whole lot of money within a very short time. Some of those people are known as be “High Rollers” because they make large bets on every casino game that they play. Some of those “High Rollers” are also known as “Whales” because they are the biggest betters within the vast sea of gamblers that inhabit the largest casinos on Earth. For every “Whale” there might be a thousand or more “High Rollers.” For every “High Roller” there are hundreds of thousands of “Low Rollers.” “Low Rollers” are people who make small bets, usually less than $25.00 per hand of cards played or dice rolled at a craps table, or a casino coin dropped into the slot of a slot machines.

If you have not already guessed, there are not enough “High Rollers” in the World to fill all of the available hotel and motel rooms within Nevada at any given point in time. Besides gambling, everyone has to eat, sleep and drink. Therefore, those thousands of hotel and motel rooms are occupied by ordinary people who are not professional gamblers but just want to have a great time. They dine out and see one or more of the many shows that the hotels have to offer at any given time of the year. They go sight-seeing, shopping and some of them go dancing as well.

In fact, there are many other things to do beside gamble away their hard earned money, in hopes of getting rich or richer. Golf, boating, fishing and swimming are also popular activities for some of the millions of people who do vacation in Nevada. About two million people are residents and they are the people who own businesses, work in the restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, bars and a host of other places within the community. The money spent by “Low Rollers” are the primary income of all of those people, including those who provide transportation from one place to another, since most “Low Rollers” fly to their vacation destination and do not rent cars after they arrive.

As long as millions of “Low Rollers” spend their vacation money within Nevada the residents can earn a living and also take a vacation when the opportunity presents itself. The spending of money to remain healthy and alive, provide enjoyment and raise a family is how people must live within what we know as a modern society and we all do so within an economic environment that can be good at times a bad at times.