Family oriented Christmas events in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is like a gigantic playground for adults. But there are delightful Las Vegas Strip Christmas events if you know where to look. In recent years, the city made efforts to attract the whole family and offered fun rides and games for kids. Several years ago MGM Grand featured a brilliant Wizard of Oz display and they opened a new amusement park. But they soon turned back into an adult theme casino and the amusement park was gone. Most casinos in Vegas prefer targeting adults. Circus Circus is a great choice for the entire family. It has always maintained a tradition of offering carnival games for kids too young to gamble and free circus act performances. Families should pick out family friendly casinos and enjoy the trip in a good mood.

Big bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip help it resemble Christmas before and after the holiday season. Famous celebrity names and popular shows are lit up on major casino marquis at night. People enjoy putting coins inside slot machines and game arcade rides. Poker and Black Jack are in session everywhere. The city offers every kind of restaurant people love and the biggest assortment of buffets around. Christmas decorated show rooms only make the city shine brighter and many top line musical artists perform special Vegas Christmas shows.

Las Vegas Dining

Las Vegas in known for great bargain buffets, but Vegas holiday buffets are priced higher because they offer more choices. Most casinos enjoy setting up special holiday buffets. The counter cafes always offer reasonable prices and are a great choice for those who want to save money. Jackpot winners are eager to sample the great Vegas restaurants in town: steak and lobster, French, Italian, Korean, Caribbean, Mexican, and countless other exotic restaurants.

Smith Center for the Performing Arts

During the holiday season it’s a great idea to check out the kind of shows performing at the Smith Center. Sixty-one acre Symphony Park is located in Downtown Vegas and has a five acre state of the art performing center. Stage shows are presented in three different theaters. Famous musical artists perform Christmas shows. They feature classical ballets such as “The Nutcracker.” The Smith Center is within close walking distance of the “The Gold Nugget” in Downtown.

Casino attractions

Free spectacular displays are presented in various casinos:

The Bellagio

Bellagio Fountains dance to Christmas carols and is a free attraction to the public.

“Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens” are decorated in the spirit of the holiday and creative in their methods of getting visitors engaged in the fun of the holiday. Whole pecans are used to create flying reindeer. White carnations create a polar bear family. There are penguin statue displays.  A colorful railroad train circles around a snow covered miniature town with beautiful green pine trees.  A 7ft. tall wooden carved rocking horse is displayed in the middle of the track. A huge Shasta fir tree is loaded with bright lights. That is an example of the kind of sight that entertain your eyes at the time you choose to visit the garden. The Christmas display is free of charge.

The Venetian

The Venetian entertains the crowds to a free spectacular holiday evening musical light show celebration.  A beautiful angel crosses through the Rialto Bridge and lights up a 65 foot Christmas tree. Colorful costumed characters entertain visitors with a holiday parade three times a night at the Venetian Doges Palace. The Venetian drink menu offers holiday theme cocktails and a public ice-skating rink is set up for hourly sessions from the middle of the afternoon until late at night.

Holiday theme attractions in Las Vegas

Some Vegas casino attractions naturally put visitors in the Christmas mood. What is a better way to spend Christmas than surrounding yourself around a castle that evokes images of King Arthur and his Knights? The Vegas Excalibur features the “Tournament of Kings’ Dinner Show.” It is a thrilling chivalry jousting exhibition with armored knights and horses. The whole family can have a blast playing games in the “Fun Dungeon Arcade.”

Circus Circus Casino feature “Adventuredome” that include a daring corkscrew roller coaster ride and tamer rides for young children. “Carnival Midway” features a number of fun booth rides such as mechanical horse racing. Everyone competes for prizes. People playing carnival games and gambling on the slot machines can view high class circus acts that are performed free-of-charge.

“Legends in Concert” is a celebrity impersonator show located at the Vegas Flamingo. They present a special holiday show during December. Outstanding impersonators perform their interpretation of musical superstars like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Madonna. On a special evening you can see Elvis Presley sing, “Blue Christmas.” Celebrity impersonators love to entertain guest with a Santa Clause look- a-like contest.

The Vegas MGM Grand feature the fabulous magic of David Copperfield. There are also various magic acts, ventriloquism and puppet shows in various casinos.

The Vegas New York New York Casino feature “The Big Apple Coaster and Arcade.”

Shopping malls and stores

Las Vegas is popular for highly extravagant malls. They all love to display holiday window attractions. The Fashion Show Mall features around 250 shops and restaurants but is closed Christmas day. Check ahead of time which stores are open on December 25.

Caesar’s Palace always feature sparkling holiday displays at their Forum Shops.

Other popular stores

  • Planet Hollywood’ Miracle Mile Shops
  • The Venetian’ Grand Canal Shoppes
  • The Bellagio’ Le Boulevard de Paris

The Crystals shopping center at City Center is located on the Las Vegas Strip right in the middle of the Monte Carlo and Bellagio. They feature great holiday window displays and sell thousands of fresh flowers. White and pink poinsettias are located throughout the mall. Red and Silver candy twists resemble candy canes and hang from the ceiling. White Christmas trees and Oregon imported trees are also on display. They feature high quality shops:  Cartier, Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Western style apparel is special at the Vegas Convention Center. Wrangler National Finals Rodeo present The NFR  Cowboy Christmas Gift Show and visits the Las Vegas Convention Center in December. The showroom is usually open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and numerous vendors sell a wide variety of western style gifts. Famous cowboys attend the show and sign autographs.

Downtown Vegas

Freemont Street, Downtown, Las Vegas, puts on a free New Year’s Eve Party and get a huge gathering. Rock bands and fireworks are part of the show.

Handicapped People

Handicapped people that are limited by movement and incapable of walking long distances should make reservations in a special casino they like and room in the house hotel. Almost every casino has several restaurants, a buffet, and a counter café. They all offer special entertainment. Some of it is free, but big name talent always requires a ticket purchase. Not all casinos include carnival games and arcades. Some elderly people that find it difficult to walk are considered under the handicapped category. They can enjoy many of the activities a major casino offers, but they are more comfortably confined under one roof.

Las Vegas is famous for offering too much eye-candy. People who love Vegas always feel disappointed they missed something and want to return. They plan another Vegas trip in their travel plans. It is always a good idea to check out the free Las Vegas tour magazines that are usually stored around the hotel check-in. They include show listings and the dates and times of the performances. They also include many other fine holiday attractions that are located around the Vegas strip. 

Scouting the entire landscape of Las Vegas is like one person trying to finish a giant group banana split. There is a tremendous amount of walking involved for those people who want to sight- see the different casinos, restaurants, malls, and special stores and shops. People that love Christmas decorated ornaments will love how Las Vegas sets up Christmas displays all over the Las Vegas Strip. You only come back home feeling sad if you lose too much money gambling.