Enjoying the Las Vegas Strip

“Lights! Cameras! HELLO, VEGAS!”

Still looking for that dream vacation that always seems to end up escaping just over the horizon and into the next realm? Go ahead then, click your heels twice and say, “There’s no place like Vegas. There’s no place like Vegas.” Once you’ve toured the wonders and excitement that makes up the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll be totally awakened and absolutely convinced when telling others, “There’s no place like Vegas!”

The Las Vegas Strip is the epitome of an extremely lush and lavish desert oasis. No matter what time of year, the lights are always on and the Las Vegas Strip is always open. There are vast amounts of neatly tucked away treasures located throughout and all along the Strip. You don’t have to plan for fun and excitement here because fun and excitement IS the Las Vegas Strip!

Spring Break/Summer Break:

It’s time to relax and just have fun! These are most excellent times for the college weary to unload the books and celebrate independence, freedom and achievements. The air is fresh, the prices are right, and the stars are always shining here on the Las Vegas Strip.

Take a Break:

* Interested in seeing the interior design of a huge pyramid? Then you will want to explore the very fashionable Luxor Hotel and Casino.

* Venture through the underground labyrinths with their shops and casinos. Yes, the Las Vegas Strip has these too, as well as a railway that conveniently joins several hotels and casinos together.

* Care to stroll along magnificent, palm-tree, covered sidewalks while being in the very hub of activity? Then make sure to pack your most comfortable shoes and head out toward the center of the Strip.

* How about enjoying the lookout courts while watching a fabulous water display, provided by the exquisitely designed Bellagio hotel? Night time displays are even more spectacular, especially for those in romantic mode.

* Gondolas anyone? Shopping via water, while being serenaded by a gondolier? Yes, incredible as it sounds for one who is vacationing in the desert, you’re not dreaming, it’s true.

* Do you appreciate style and elegance? If so, you will fall in love one way or another along the Las Vegas Strip. From elegant statues to living beauties, from grand architecture to fine art, complete appreciation dominates this very awe-inspiring scene.

Hotel Accommodations:

Where to start? There is so much to see, even more to be discovered and not nearly enough time in a 24-hour day while visiting the Las Vegas Strip. You’ll find that with the abundance of activities and excitement, getting in a couple of winks is not as hard as you may think. Plush comfort is the extraordinary design in Vegas to help you relax and rejuvenate. You can find hotel accommodations along the Las Vegas Strip to suit just about any style and affordability.

For fun, excitement, adventure and having one of the greatest hotel packages around, the Hilton Las Vegas is your hotel destination. Spring, summer, winter or fall, the Las Vegas Hilton is set to impress. The conveniently located monorail system smoothly escorts you along toward your venture on the Las Vegas Strip.

Catering, pampering and sheer privilege welcomes your highly refined senses at the Bellagio hotel. If you’re looking for relaxation and privacy, while still being able to enjoy the impressive views of the Las Vegas Strip, then you’ve found the right place. Luxury and elegance is almost an understatement when it comes to describing the experiences that await you at the Bellagio.

Where to Dine?

Sustenance! So glad you asked! The Las Vegas Strip presents some of the finest chefs and the coziest of cafes. The diversity of cuisines is almost as numerous as there are countries.

The Outback Steak House, conveniently located above the Casino Royale, is a cozy upstairs hideaway immediately overlooking the Strip. When you want meat, the Outback is a good place to eat. Wait a minute! “Las Vegas Strip?” “Outback Steak House?” What clever synergy!

For the art enthusiast, or the passionately romantic, the Picasso Restaurant in the Bellagio is an absolute must dining experience. Reservations required.


Are you a novice on the slots? You may enjoy trying your luck on the many slot machines located in O’Shea’s, Slots of Fun, and the Luxor Hotel.

Are you waking up to Vegas, yet? Perhaps you dreamed about trying your luck at the card tables but aren’t sure how to actually play? No problem. We have you covered. Several casinos, such as the Luxor, the Excalibur and Mandalay Bay offer free card game lessons during the day.

(OK, go ahead) “There’s no place like Vegas!”

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