Enjoying the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, SIn CIty, or the one I prefer,” lost wages” is the entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas has something for everybody. It has built its reputation for a place that is open all night and there is nothing that you can’t do if you have the money. Millions of people fly out to the desert every year with dreams of hitting it big, bachelor parties, weddings, entertainment, food, shopping,the list goes on. The Las Vegas strip is known all around the world and is packed with mega themed casinos each competing for everyones attention. The strip is the platform for casinos to promote their product. In order to enjoy the Las Vegas strip, you should find out what places you would want to visit during your trip. Las Vegas offers so many different options that it is impossible to experience everything it has to offer in just one trip. Before you book your trip you should follow some simple guidelines that will help you enjoy your the Las Vegas trip.

What activities do you want to do? Las Vegas is the only place in the United States that give people the choice of activities ranging from; gambling, world class shows, fine dining, to weddings and night clubs. Picking the right hotel will make your trip more enjoyable. You could categorize the Las Vegas strip into five main categories when planning a trip:

1. Casinos – The Las Vegas strip where New York, Paris, Rome, and Venice all meet. Bring your camera, snap a picture of the statue of liberty in front of New York, New York Casino, www.newyorknewyorkcasino.com or take a picture of the strip on top of the iconic Stratosphere Tower at the end of the strip. It really doesn’t matter where you stay on the strip as long as you know what to do when you get there.

2. Restaurants- All you can eat buffets ,4 star restaurants or McDonalds. Las Vegas has it all, the way to peoples hearts is through their stomachs and Las Vegas knows it! You can eat somewhere 24 hours a day in Las Vegas. Make sure you check to see if reservations are needed. www.lasvegas.com/restaurant/

3. Shows. If you like shows then Vegas is for you! Entertainers make limited time engagements, so check the dates if you want to go see a particular performer, How about seeing “KA or O? or another Cirque Du Soleil show, If you like Magic, Chris Angel has a show running currently. Believe me, there are all types of shows to enjoy in Las Vegas. Try lookingand you will see. Try booking a different show each time you go and you will never get bored. There are also free shows performed all along the strip.

4. Gambling- Most places on the strip virtually offer the same type of gambling with the expection of some havea poker rooms. It really only matters on what type of atmosphere you enjoy. Taking a walk through different casinos is a great way to sight see and find a place you want to gamble at night. Find your lucky casino and go for broke!

5. Nightlife- What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! Now, this is where it gets fun, The night clubs are awesome! “Pure” is a Las Vegas staple located at Caesars Palace, www.caesarspalace.com Start off with Pure and go from there. Every year thousands of bachelor parties are held in Las Vegas. The choices of clubs, bars, and strip clubs makes it a perfect spot for people to let loose!

Its easy to enjoy the Las Vegas strip. You just have to know where to look. If you do your homework before you book your trip, you will get the most out of Las Vegas. One of the most popular online sites to visit is www.lasvegas.com Give it a try and you can get a taste of what the Las Vegas strip has to offer. So if you want to go to a wax museum, ride a roller coaster, gamble all night or shop til you drop, Vegas has it all! There are various ways to enjoy the Las Vegas Strip, the question is how will you enjoy yours?