Carlin is a small town in an Important gold mining region

You can reach the community of Carlin very easily; the town of slightly over 2300 people sits along the heavily traveled Interstate 80 corridor in northwestern Nevada not far from Emigrant Pass.  It lies about 23 miles to the west of the county seat of Elko County, in an area where mining remains an important industrial activity.

Although Carlin possesses a comparatively small population, it does boast a lovely municipal park.  The residents usually conduct Fourth of July festivities there every summer.

Northern Nevada has developed a lucrative mining sector.   The “Silver State” boasts rich ore deposits of precious minerals. Indeed, the northeastern section of the state reportedly maintains the fourth largest gold producing region in the world.  Carlin lies close to several productive mines.  Consequently, mining companies employ many residents in the community.

A number of households in Carlin also depend upon the thriving tourist industry.  Nevada for decades has served as a focal point for visitors.  

The large cities of Las Vegas in the southern end of the state and Reno in the northwest offer numerous popular attractions; and, due to its proximity along the I-80 corridor, tiny Carlin benefits from the regular influx of visitors- especially from traffic flowing across scenic northern Nevada.  This major thoroughfare obtains regular maintenance and usually remains open, except during blizzard conditions.

In addition to tourists, mineral hunting enthusiasts prowl the rolling hills and high plains of the northern part of the state during the spring, summer and autumn.  Undoubtedly, many of these hobbyists contribute to Carlin’s economy also. 

Nevada as a territory attracted prospectors in large numbers in the nineteenth century.  And “Rock hounds” still flock to the area in this era in search of gems and deposits of valuable metals. 

Businesses in the town include a nice selection of inns, eateries and shops. Several other hotels and restaurants also offer accommodations for travelers within a forty mile radius of the community. (Carlin maintains an official listing on Facebook.)

Carlin benefits also from agricultural activity conducted in surrounding parts of Elko County.  Although dry conditions often prevail in the region during the summer months, some ranching occurs nearby.

During the late summer of 2007, much of this region suffered from devastating brush fires.  So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the University of Nevada at Reno established a Fire Science Academy near the community of Carlin.  This facility offered a platform for training firefighters and other professionals in the best ways to respond to crises and emergencies, but reportedly was sold just recently to another government entity.  

One interesting bit of historical trivia pertains to Carlin…Reportedly, the ill fated Donner Party camped nearby in 1846 on their way to California.  The expedition eventually met with starvation several hundred miles along the trail after camping in the Sierra Mountain range in early October and encountering unexpectedly heavy early winter snow. 

Carlin may attract growth in the future.  Plans are reportedly underway for the development of a business park close to the highway. The proximity of this location to readily accessible transportation facilities offers a potential for the influx of additional industries during the next few decades.