Buying a Home in Las Vegas Nevada

Are you in the market for a new home?  Do you live in Las Vegas or are you moving to the city?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in luck, and luck is probably the most important word in this town.  Why?  Because Las Vegas has plenty of homes to choose from right now, and most if not all of them are at the right price.

Las Vegas got hit very hard with this latest recession, especially when we are talking about the housing market. Before the recession, homes shot up in value faster than the space shuttle, and they dropped a lot of value just as fast as reentry to Earth’s atmosphere.  From personal experience, my wife and I bought a condo before the homes shot up in value.  Yes, that was fortunate for us as we didn’t buy at the top of the market.  But it is still painful to have been here watching the values drop so far.  We still are in the black, but we certainly couldn’t sell our condo at twice the price like we could have a few years after we bought.  But we plan to stay in Las Vegas for a while, so it really doesn’t matter for us.  But for the folks who are thinking of buying in Vegas now, they couldn’t have picked a better time.

There are so many homes here to choose from, and it certainly is a buyers market.  But they are going fast!  People aren’t dumb, and they realize that Las Vegas is a great place to live in.  The climate is right for those who love the warm weather and the sun, there are so many different great places to eat and the values will make your head spin.  Plus, anyone who gets bored in this town is probably dead anyway.  Between the top shows in the world, the best hotel/casinos in the world, and the wonders of nature, how could anyone not find what’s right for them to do?  And all this activity right in your backyard?  And all at the right price?  This is the place to purchase a home, right now.

The other great thing about this city is the road system.  The state has spent billions on new roads, and I rarely have any traffic problems.  Of course, the strip can be a bit hairy, but I hardly ever go down there.  There are plenty of other hotel/casinos away from the strip that offer the best values around, and everything that the strip offers, so why fight strip traffic?  If you move to this great city, sign up at your local casino for one of those players cards they offer.  You will eat for free at the buffets and their restaurants as there is so much competition that you benefit.

So when buying a home here, make sure you bargain for the best price you can.  The prices are still depressed, but they won’t be for long!  So whatever is important to you, whether it be a condo purchase or a home close to school facilities, you are in the drivers seat.  But get going now, as I can see the homes are selling fast.