Zoo Omaha Nebraska

Going to the zoo is such a wholesome and fun thing to do when visiting a city. If you find travel to Omaha, you will want to visit the city’s outstanding Henry Doorly Zoo, formerly known as Riverview Park Zoo.

This 130-acre zoo, along with the College World Series, is one of the Omaha’s major attractions. Dating back to 1894, Henry Doorly Zoo is renowned for its incredible exhibit of cats, which ranks as the largest in the United States.

Additionally, the zoo is well known for its tremendous efforts toward both research and conservation.

Below is an overview of some of the more popular exhibits at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

* Cat Complex

As the largest house for cats in the United States, the Cat Complex is a place where feline lovers will want to spend hours of time. Your children will squeal in excitement upon seeing the magnificent Siberian and Bengal tigers that live here.

They can also see jaguars and cougars and many other breeds of cats. The huge habitats for the animals are located both indoors and outdoors. You will enjoy watching the lions being fed or the tigers give a whole new meaning to pacing back and forth.

The Cat Complex is by far one of the most famous things at this zoo. You will want to be sure to block off an adequate amount of time to spend here.

*Kingdoms of the Night

Opening in 2003, Kingdoms of the Night is one of the zoo’s newer exhibits. At a cost of over $30 million dollars, be prepared to be awed by this exhibit of nocturnal animals. And it is not just any old exhibit of nocturnal creatures – it is the world’s largest!

Be sure to bring your courage along to this exhibit as you will see lots of bats and flying squirrels. Kingdoms of the Night is home to many other exotic creatures including blind cave fish and white alligators.

You will go on a real adventure in this gigantic exhibit, as it includes a Eucalyptus forest as well as a swamp and huge cave. You will feel like Indiana Jones, as you and your family explore the many sights and sounds of this 42,000 square foot exhibit.

* Desert Dome

Located about Kingdoms of the Night is another massive exhibit: Desert Dome. This one boasts to also be a world’s largest – as in indoor desert. Home to the adorable wallaby and speedy Puma, the Desert Dome is yet another amazing exhibit Henry Doorly has to offer.

To add to all of the excitement, the desert is covered by a gigantic – and as you may guess, world’s largest – glazed geodesic dome. Picture a giant shiny dome and you will get an idea of what covers the Desert Dome!

* Lied Jungle

For those who like rainforests, then the Lied Jungle is a must-stop. Covering a massive 123,000 square feet, this exhibit is the world’s largest indoor rainforest.

Lied Jungle is really cool because it offers a truly unique experience. When you walk through this exhibit, it will be as if you are really in the jungle. You can see free ranging animals, feel the humidity on your skin, hear the sounds of monkeys and feel the presence of towering fig trees.

These are but a few of the things you can experience at the Henry Doorly Zoo. If in Omaha, it is clearly worth your time to pay this fantastic place a visit.